Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Theatre-ing It Solo

As I type this blog post, I'm currently on countdown to visiting London for a weekend of theatre like no other. Amongst other things I will be attending the final London show of one of my favourite musicals and I'm sure there's going to be a lot of emotions out on the day.

Out of 22 shows that I saw in 2018, a good 17 were seen by myself alone and most of those were also in London, so I thought I'd talk about going to the theatre alone and what I think about it all.

For me the idea of going into a theatre and seeing a show is heaven to me, it's a chance to exit from your own life for a few hours and get immersed in someone else's story for a while. It's the best feeling to be sat in a theatre and to me it's one of my happy places. I was introduced to theatre from a  youngish age by my family but it wasn't until the age of about 19 that I was introduced to London theatre, which is just something even better.

When it comes to the London shows although I sometimes take my mum with me to see things, but for the most part I go down alone. There is something freeing knowing that you don't need to worry about anyone else and you can just completely engage with the show on a completely different level.  This is one of the massive benefits of going alone to the theatre.

You can often find cheaper seats when you go alone thanks to people's Britishness and the fact people can't book seats next to other people that they don't know...yep that's a thing that happens in the theatre. I often thank us as British people because finding a "cheaper seat" in London is always a godsend because tickets can be expensive, I've paid over £100 for one single ticket in the past.

There are obviously downsides to going to the theatre alone. Firstly the interval can seem longer when you're alone. You first have to take everything you own with you when you need an ice cream or a snack or have to hope the person next to you is a friendly person who will watch your stuff. The dream is when a friendly person sits next to you who actually wants to talk to you in the interval otherwise you've got to hope and pray that your 4G works in the theatre and that instagram etc can be your friend.

The only other downside for me is if I turn into a ball of emotion during a show in the past, which has happened twice to the point I was ugly crying in my seat, there is no-one next to me to comfort me or slap me back to normal so it takes longer to get back to "normal". Well apart from that one time I was actually "mocked" by a not so friendly person next to me in a show for showing any emotion...that snapped me out of it all straight away due to the shock of being laughed at for shedding a little tear.

For me solo theatre going began as a means to an end, a way of watching things I wanted to see that no one else I knew wished to see but it has become one of my favourite things to do and something I'd definitely recommend doing at least once. Would you consider a solo trip to the theatre


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