Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Dear Absent Friends...

Whilst filming my new video (NOW LIVE check it out) I started thinking about friends and friendship and it dawned on me that I had written a post all about friends and friendship so I thought I'd bring it over to this blog. Enjoy.


At this time of year, with Christmas sneaking up on us it is time to reflect on things. Whether it is how much money you've spent on things you didn't need or how many Five Guys burger are too many to eat in one year, it's all reflection.

Well for me, reflection came in the way of friends and friendships and more importantly the absent friends and friendship that have disappeared or floated away like ghosts.

As some of you might be aware, I have had a blog since 2012. In the early days of blogging for me, I had the pleasure to attend and arrange a handful of meet ups.  These meet ups were great for me as a beginner blogger because it gave me chance to get out of my shell, meet like minded people and find new friends. These new friends were amazing to have, to be able to chat to people who were going through the same things as me writing our blogs from our bedroom, whilst spending all our hard earned cash on make up and beauty products to blog about in future days, months and years. Blogging had brought me a happiness that I hadn't had for a while before and I never felt alone thanks to this great group of friends that I had.

Sadly through time, things change and people grow older. Through this time, that group of friends that I had gained slowly disintegrated as people stopped blogging and went back to their "real lives". I don't blame anyone for this after all it is their lives however, it left me feeling very alone once more. Seeing new people starting to vlog, creating new close friendship groups made that feeling even worse because I had lost the people I was closest to.

YouTube has helped me gain confidence once more and I met a great group of ladies, who I collaborate with on videos and also chat with on a daily basis. Along with them, I also have the amazing people who comment on my videos and vlogs. My vlog family as I like to call them are so awesome, replying to any questions I ask and writing little messages when I'm feeling down for which I am truly grateful. So thank you if that is you.

So in this time of year, with Christmas round the corner remember to give all your friends a big hug and tell them you love them, even maybe buy them a cheeky present or four, just let them know you are truly grateful that they are in your life, I will definitely be doing this.

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