Sunday, 15 September 2019

Mid-Year Reset

For me working in Education, I often think of September as a time of new starts, it's the beginning of new school year and a time for new things, classes, stationary etc. You might know that back in January, both here on the blog and also on my YouTube Channel I did a set of goals for 2019 and as with most times I set goals, it went alright for a short time before it all went kaput.
With a new start beginning this month and inspired by a video by a creator called Hannah Witton, I decided to do a little mid year reset of the goals I set back in September, giving me a chance to look back, reflect and decide what to do with everything. So without further ado, let's reflect.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Farewell, Kinky Boots

On 12th January at 7.30pm the Price and Sons Factory opens its doors for the last time at the Adelphi Theatre on London's glittering West End. After three wonderful years, Kinky Boots the musical leaves London and for me personally and for many others too it will be a hard day to swallow.

As I have written previously in a separate blog post Kinky Boots is one of my favourite musicals ever due to the message it holds at its core. The message behind the musical as previously mentioned in my prior post the message in Kinky Boots is all about acceptance, that of yourself and everyone else.

In total I have seen the show 3 times on the west end and one additional time on tour and I am grateful to the show for a lot of things. It has been one of my happy places for the past three years an has introduced me to many actors that I am now in love with and will continue to follow them and their performances as they go forwards with their endeavours.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Theatre-ing It Solo

As I type this blog post, I'm currently on countdown to visiting London for a weekend of theatre like no other. Amongst other things I will be attending the final London show of one of my favourite musicals and I'm sure there's going to be a lot of emotions out on the day.

Out of 22 shows that I saw in 2018, a good 17 were seen by myself alone and most of those were also in London, so I thought I'd talk about going to the theatre alone and what I think about it all.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

2019 New Years Goals

Every year we are programmed as humans to think how we are going to change ourselves to make ourselves better in the upcoming year. Some people make resolutions but I found a few years ago calling them resolutions were just pointless as I gave up on them after a few weeks or so. Instead I now write down a collection of goals that I aim to try in the year and this year is the same.

I always publish a video on my YouTube channel, The Clare Necessities, where I state my goals for the year and I will be doing the same soon but I thought as I am also using my blog a bit more I would write them down here.

1.Read at Least 6 Books... This is an annual goal of mine in order for me to take some time away from a computer screen. There is nothing better than getting stuck into a good book and now that I have Good Reads I can keep on top of all the books that I really want to read through 2019.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

An Open Letter to Kinky Boots, London

Dear Kinky Boots the Musical,

I've known you for over three years since the first time I heard the Broadway cast recording and decided I needed to purchase a ticket for the London production. My first visit to the show was for the first final cast show before cast change and the love was there straight away.

Since that visit I have returned to the London production twice, most recently a month ago. Each visit brings so much joy to myself and also to the rest of the audience. I have met and spoken to many people in the Adelphi Theatre, some first time watchers and many return visitors and it is safe to say that everyone leaves the theatre a slightly changed person.