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 The Clare Necessities has been on quite a journey throughout the years. Initially started back in 2012 under a different name, this blog has seen me through everything. Beginning initially as a Beauty blog written from the perspective of a beauty novice, it has many highs and lows and has also been a good partner alongside my YouTube channel, also called The Clare Necessities, which has been going strong for over six years and having on average 1.5 Thousand subscribers.

In 2020, under the storm cloud of a global pandemic, I decided to learn to dance in the rain and bring back the blog to share life through the lockdown and hopefully beyond, sharing my love of Theatre, Books and what is available to visit and eat in my local area in the West Midlands and further a field.

Welcome to The Clare Necessities if you are new and welcome back if you're returning. Feel free to stop by on my social media platforms, instagram and twitter where I always look forward to meeting new people.