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22 April 2022

REVIEW|The Cher Show (UK Tour)

Photo Credit:Pamela Raith

Photo Credit: Pamela Raith

The Cher Show (UK Tour) 
Curve Theatre, Leicester

There are some shows out there that as soon as they are announced, you know you need a ticket. Some may be down to hype, some due a to cast announcement and others are so special you know you need to see them. The Cher Show, which had its European premier at the Curve Theatre in Leicester before touring the UK until Spring 2023 had all the boxes ticked and I was lucky enough to see it on opening night.

This show, which features 35 fantastic hits and a book by Rick Elice (Jersey Boys, The Addams Family), shows all the aspects of Cher from her sudden rise at sixteen, through the highs, lows and higher higher, all with the most perfect level of humour, shimmer and sorrow. Using not just one actress playing Cher but three separate Chers, nicknamed Babe, Lady and Star, who portray different portions and moments in the icon's life but also supporting each other through the entire show.

The creative behind this production is full of amazing names. Arlene Phillips directs with grace and understanding and Oti Mabuse's choreography is visually stunning, mixing a range of styles together in the most excellent energetic way. Gabriella Slade's costumes fill the stage with all the glitter and glitz that you'd expect from a show about one of the most glamorous women in pop.

The set design by Tom Rogers, which looks like the backstage of a concert with rack after rack of costume hangers, from floor to rafters, is very effective and my personal favourite props were the ones indicating the passing of time, which varied from light up numbers to mannequins and my personal favourite a set of traffic lights. Alongside the set the lighting design by Ben Cracknell completed the concert feel of the show another hit from Cracknell here.

Photo Credit: Pamela Raith

Photo Credit: Pamela Raith

Photo Credit: Pamela Raith

The thing about this show is that it could be thought that it is merely a tribute act to the icon, the myth and the star herself, with her mannerisms and one of a kind voices but this is so much more and the three Chers are nothing short of perfect and on point casting.

Millie O'Connell plays Babe, the youngest of the Cher characters, who gets flung into stardom at a relatively young age where she meets Sonny and becomes the start of who she is now. Millie's Babe is played so well and she really plays the young star who is almost naive to it all, with O'Connell's own mix of the character perfectly. Following Babe comes Lady played by Danielle Steers, who continues on the story and dominates the stage in voice and spirit. I was unable to take off my eyes off Danielle, Lady has a lot to go through and it is portrayed so well by Steers. Finally finishing off the trio in comes Debbie Kurup as Star and that is what she is, her vocals like the other two were amazing and her presence as the ultimate diva is a thing of wonder. The casting of these three was perfect as was the rest of the cast.

The supporting men in her life, Sonny played by Lucas Rush, Bob Mackie played by Jake Mitchell and Greg Allman, Rob Camiletti, Phil Spector and Joe Southall all played by Sam Ferriday all shone. Rush's Sonny who goes through a lot from the doting lover, husband and father to the intense, fiery and passionate manager, who loses sight of the love in his life was a wonder to watch. Ferriday's multiple character and wig changes were all executed so well and Mitchell's Bob Mackie was the perfect support to Cher through everything. The ensemble of this show work their socks off throughout the show and hardly break a sweat even throughout Mabuse's amazing but quick choreography and are a joy to watch especially through the big dance moments.

Complete with a finale to end all finales the show saw the roof and smashed it into a million sequinned and studded glittering pieces. The show will leave you humming all the songs and running to the box office to box another ticket (or ten). 

If you don't believe my review, believe in life after love and head to the official website to see where and when it is coming to a theatre near you. Get the newest hottest ticket in UK theatre and you will not be sorry.

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