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23 January 2022

REVIEW| The Addams Family Musical, UK Tour

Photo Credit: Pamela Raith

The Addams Family (UK Tour)
Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

There are a few shows out there in the theatresphere that were destined to be shown in 2022, a year in which we need all the joyful, funny and glorious most weird and wonderful musicals and plays to be shown to raise our collective theatre spirits after the last two years of uncertainty. For me, The Addams Family is one of those shows.

With book by Marshall Brickman & Rick Elice and music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa, the musical version of The Addams Family tells the story of a slightly older Wednesday Addams who has fallen in love with a "normal" boy and the two families are to meet for a fateful dinner with some rather hilarious consequences. It features all of your favourite family members, including Gomez, Fester, Morticia and Pugsley and introduces you to some of their ancestors who are on mission for everything to go right during the evening's events.

Photo Credit: Pamela Raith

I was very lucky to see the last UK tour of The Addams family in 2017 and I was so excited when the cast was announced that some of my favourites from that tour were returning. Gomez Addams was played wonderfully again by Cameron Blakely who brings a glorious almost childlike aspect to the character, so funny and brilliant. Also returning was Grant Mcintyre as Pugsley and Valda Aviks as Grandma who both brought the same chaotic energy that they had back pre pandemic five years ago.

The final two returning cast members from the 2017 cast were Dickon Gough as Lurch, a "simple" monster like growling character, which was so brilliantly played by Dickon who may have actually got some of the loudest laughs at our performances and Scott Paige who played Uncle Fester, a role that Scott started by covering in the last iteration. In this new 2021/22 cast he is playing Fester full time and plays it in full Scott style. Fester is partially the narrator of the show and gets the most chance to break the fourth wall in addressing the audience which he does in great style and class.

Photo Credit: Pamela Raith

Joining the cast this time round playing Wednesday Addams is Kingsley Morton, whose belting seemed so natural and whose chemistry with Ahmed Hamad playing boyfriend Lucas Beineke was so simple and glorious, everything you need from a couple in love. Lucas' parents were played by Sean Kingsley and Kara Lane, who take quite the emotional journey through the show from buttoned up couple to something else by the end.

Speaking of parents, the final member of principle cast that I have yet to mention is Joanne Clifton who played Morticia Addams. When the tour was announced initially a different actress was supposed to play the role of the matriarch of the kooky Addams family clan but unfortunately due to a schedule clash, a new Morticia was needed...step in Joanne. I didn't know much of Joanne prior to the show but I was amazed how perfect for the role she was, from her mannerisms to her tango alongside Cameron Blakely I enjoyed it all.

Photo Credit: Pamela Raith

Rounding off the cast were the ensemble/ancestors, each with their own style and back story from a matador to a queen the Addams family has them all wonderfully played by Abigail Brodie, Castell Parker, Jessica Keable, Ying Ue Li, Sean Lopeman, Sophie Hutchinson, Matthew Ives and Sario Solomon.

I was so excited to see this show again after five years away and it is one that I would see again and again and again. It has just the right amount of double entendres and silly jokes, which I enjoy but may not be for younger audience members. Overall for me, it is the perfect medicine for life over the last two years and I would 100% recommend a trip to catch up with the family.

The show now runs until June 2022 and tickets can be bought by clicking the link here.

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