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16 March 2021

BOOK REVIEW|The Existence of Amy by Lana Grace Riva*


My reading speed has picked up a lot recently. My GoodReads reading challenge is rushing by this year with already eight books under my belt. Way back in the midst of last year however, it was a different story completely, I couldn't pick up a book at all and without knowing it I was slowly travelling towards one of my biggest my biggest mental health slumps in my thirty years on the planet.

During this time, I was kindly contacted by the author Lana Grace Riva to read and possibly review her book The Existence of Amy. After a quick look at the synopsis I said agreed reading the book, however it is not until recently that I have picked it up and read through it in it's entirety.

The Story of The Existence of Amy centres around the main character of Amy, a female that one the surface seems "normal" living a "normal life". Underneath however this is not the case, Amy suffers with OCD, Anxiety and Depression and everyday is a struggle. She maintains her work life, alongside a collection of  close colleagues and  friendly acquaintances, until one of her work friends announces he is leaving.

This event spirals Amy down to rock bottom and into a deep depression, not leaving her house and extracting herself from everyone and everything in her life until an unlikely friend supports her and gives her the first small glimpse of hope in a long time.

The character of Amy is a relatable one, for anyone who has ever had any struggles with mental health, there are definitely links you can make with her. The ignoring of calls and messages from loved ones, not telling anyone what you are going through, completely shutting down are all things I did myself at the start of 2021 and this book really struck a chord with me in that respect.

The Existence of Amy is definitely an insight into how living with mental health issues can be. For anyone who has ever suffered it will provoke memories and feelings of similar experiences and for those who have never experienced mental health problems, it will show a great insight into what it can be like. You can't just switch off your thoughts and feelings, it's all about how you deal with them.

This book is different to my normal romantic based chick-lit reading but it is a book I definitely enjoyed. It's definitely something that I think more people should look into reading.

*this book was gifted to me to read and review but all my thoughts are my own.

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