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30 March 2021



 One of my favourite things about all the theatre streams that I have watched over the past year is that it has introduced me to so many shows that I wouldn't have probably watched if they were in the west end.

BKLYN the musical is a prime example of this. I'm going to be honest before I pressed play on the stream, I knew nothing of the show and was totally enticed in to buying my ticket due to the cast involved but I was definitely very pleased I did.

Directed by Dean Johnson, who last directed the wonderful stream of First Date last year, BKLYN, written by Mark Schofeld and Barri McPherson, is a story within a story. The first story starts with five street performers on the busy streets of New York, all whom has their own stories. Then there is the secondary inner story, the story they tell throughout the piece of a young orphaned girl named Brooklyn, who comes to America to find the father she never knew after the passing of her beloved mother from suicide. 

Each of the five unnamed street performers plays different characters from Brooklyn's story. Emma Kingston becomes Brooklyn herself, Sejal Keshwala becomes Faith, Brooklyn's mother and Jamie Muscato becomes Taylor the father she never knew. Finishing up the cast was Marisha Wallace who becomes Paradice (so called because she was born with nothing but a pair of dice around her neck) and Newtion Matthews who is the street singer that acts as the narrator of the story but also has a few extra cards up his sleeve. 

Alongside the three strong musical accompaniment, these five actors show off their phenomenal vocals and each have their stand out moments, whilst also blending together to give depth and power to the music in the piece.

For me personally, one of my favourite moments was the song Brooklyn in my Blood, a duet between Brooklyn and Paradice as it literally shows what powerhouses Emma and Marisha, it's very much an anything you can sing I can sing right back at you song which was wonderful to see and was a joy to my ears. I also enjoyed Newtion's voice during the song Magic Man, his voice literally melts the butter on my musical sandwich.

This stream is a very aesthetically pleasing to watch, whilst filmed in front of a mostly blank canvas it is visually stunning, the song Once Upon a Time a prime example with Emma Kingston as Brooklyn at a musical score covered piano...absolutely stunning.

This show is one I'm glad I got the chance to watch, with the mix of an outstanding cast and a modern fairytale story complete with a few little twists and turns for good measure it was definitely worth a viewing.

The show is available to watch until 4th April, with tickets available on an on demand basis and priced at £15 plus transaction fee and available to purchase here.

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