The Books I Read in January and February 2021

 If nothing else has come from being in Lockdown for so long, I have finally got the reading bug back. I spend each evening before bed, escaping into a different world before nodding off. Alongside this I have also been suffering with a little bit of insomnia and I find reading for a short while whilst breathing in a little pillow spray and taking deep breathes has actually been happening, which is great.

My goal for the year is to read fifteen books, which to some people sounds like next to nothing however so  far in my first two months I have finished six books already so I'm rather excited to see how far I can go in the rest of the year. I thought I'd do a round up of everything read in the first two months of the year.

I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella 


This book circles around the main character of Fixie Farr, a girl who spends all her time trying to picking up the slack for her family and trying to fix and resolve any issues that come up for any of her loved ones. A chance meeting of handsome stranger Seb, an investment banker, and a rescuing of something very important to him leads to a chain of events all surrounding by an IOU from Seb written on a coffee sleeve. The relationship between Fixie and Seb has many twists and turns and makes Fixie really wonder whether she can always fix everything. 

If you enjoy Sophie Kinsella's other books, then you will enjoy this one, although this wasn't my favourite that she has written.

The Second Love of My Life by Victoria Walters


I have read and reviewed another book by Victoria on this blog which you can read here so you know I love her books and this one was no different. It centres around Rose, a widow of Lucus at twenty four years old, who lives in a small Cornwall town which she has lived in all her life through the happiness and the heartaches. The introduction of a newcomer to the town, Robert, impacts Rose's life around in many ways and makes her really consider her life, her loves and her feelings about everything.

This books was actually Victoria's debut novel and although it wasn't my first book of hers I had read, if it had been I know it would have made me want to read more from her.

The Flip Side by James Bailey


I didn't know anything about this book before I started it apart from it was mentioned on someone's instagram story. The story starts with the central character, Josh on the London Eye getting prepared to ask her girlfriend to marry him. Spoiler, it doesn't end well and changes everything. Jobless, dumped and back at his family home, he begins a new journey and this all begins with a coin, which he flips to make a simple decision. From then on, all decisions are made with the flip of a coin, some small like the answer to a quiz question to maybe one of the biggest decisions of his romantic life. 

I really enjoyed this book and would one hundred per cent recommend it to anyone looking for a good read.

The Duke and I by Julia Quinn


I don't feel like I need to explain the premise of this book as it is the first in the series of the Bridgerton books, which is the idea behind the Netflix phenomenon that everyone and their dog has watched since it's release on Boxing Day 2020. I read the book after I had watched the series and I can safely say that they're similar to each other with a few changes made for television. The Duke and I is the first in an eight book series, with each book being about a different Bridgerton sibling, starting with Daphne Bridgerton and her relationship with the gorgeous but troubled Duke of Hastings (phwoar).

If you liked the first series on Netflix, you will enjoy the book and who knows you might continue the series and get ahead of the series.

It Started with a Tweet by Anna Bell


How can one Tinder date change everything? Daisy Hobson, a London based marketing manager, obsessed with social media, tweeting friends and instagramming all her meals, lives her life online until one mistake at work flips her entire world. Her sister thinks she has the answer, a digital detox in remote Cumbria in a rundown cottage, which may not be as it seems.  Can Daisy survive without her phone and really settle into the "quiet life" and will the distraction of two welcome strangers help or hinder her.

This is the first book I had read by this author and it was a great first read especially in a time where social media and phones are at great importance to all of us through lockdown.

The Summer I Met You by Victoria Walters


Finishing the month off with another Victoria Walters book and interestingly enough this book is the prequel to the book read earlier on in this post, The Second Love of my Life. The Summer I Met You is short story of how Emma, Rose's best friend from TSLOML, met her husband and love of her life John. It is written in two time periods, then and now, showing both how they met and also John's entrance to the small Cornish town of Tatling and him meeting Rose and her husband Lucas. 

This quick read really makes me miss traveling around the South West and made me crave returning to Cornwall once we are able. 

What have you been reading recently?


  1. These sound awesome - I usually read nonfiction, but I definitely want to read the Duke and I at some point. :) Thanks for sharing this list!
    Jenna ♥
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