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6 December 2020

BOOK REVIEW|Coming Home to Glendale Hall by Victoria Walters

Coming Home to Glendale Hall By Victoria Walters


As December progresses rapidly and the nights are drawing in, there's nothing better than snuggling up into bed with a good book. For me, reading is a form of escapism but also how I wind down for bed, two things I really need help with this year.

Like many other readers, I'm always looking out for new authors to enjoy and for the most part, I often find new people to read through recommendations or suggestions. However, I actually found Victoria through a slightly different route as she actually has a YouTube channel, on which she films feel good and relatable lifestyle content and it was actually her commenting on one of my videos that introduced me to her and her books.

Victoria Walters is the author of two standalone books, Summer at the Kindness Cafe and The Second Love of My Life as well as the very popular Glendale Hall series, which is what I decided to begin with.

Coming Home to Glendale Hall is the first of the Glendale series and it begins to tell the story of Beth Williams, a 26 year old female, who hasn't been home in ten years after falling pregnant at sixteen. She ran away from her family and the Scottish estate she grew up in, moving to London and surviving alone with her daughter Izzy for all that time, but now she is forced to return.

Upon her return, Beth has to cope with a lot. From old secrets being revealed, to past love returning from far away and a deserted village being brought back to life. Will her return to home be the change that Beth needed or will it force her to run away for a second time?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, the way it is written from the perspective of Beth herself, you feel like you are on the journey alongside her. It is a cosy and charming story that will warm the cockles during these cold months. A perfect December read and I now can't wait to read the next instalment of the series.

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