Out of the Darkness, Into the Spotlight

 December has cometh. After the year we have all had I didn't think we'd make it but crack out the Buble and celebrate that we got here. 

With this new month, it also brings a few new things. Firstly the obvious elephant in the room. The blog is back and it's had a face lift. I decided to come back as I truly missed it, so I treated myself to a new theme and fit it all myself, I'm sure there will be teething problems but welcome to The Clare Necessities, a happy home for all that visit. Feel free to take a look around.

As we head into December we are also greeted by some new restrictions and the new but old tier system. Where I live from tomorrow, I will be heading into tier 3, which is the highest tier we have in England. I have staying home as much as I can anyway, due to various circumstances so the idea of not being able to much doesn't phase me. My closest favourites are quite the distance away from me so things like Zoom have been key for me through this year and it hasn't really caused me the problem of only being able to meet six people outside as all the friends I have are available on my phone or computer screen anyway.

The thing that has phased me the most out of this year has been how this pandemic and lockdown has changed me and my mental health. If you watch my YouTube channel, which is also called The Clare Necessities, you may be aware I took time away from the internet due to my mental health. I didn't want to move out of bed and spent a lot of time sitting watching the screen and not really eating. I feel a little fresher and brighter although still not 100% physically or mentally, it's all been a very interesting progression through 2020.

This month is the beginning of a new journey, changing the route I have been taking and I can't wait to chart my journey here on my beautiful blog. 


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