18 August 2020

 Recently I realised that I take so many pictures when I'm out and on my travels but the pictures never see the light of day. I decided to change this by starting this series. Named simply Postcard from it's a look at my travels through my photos.

I visited Chester Zoo on 08/08/2020 as a 30th Birthday. Social distancing measures were in order and most people were following them correctly. Face coverings were required inside the inside enclosures which included the Realm of the Red Ape, The Tropical Zone, Jaguar and Monkey houses, Dragons in Danger and the Giraffe and Butterfly house  and also any of the outside walkthrough enclosures including the Lemur Walkthrough and the various aviary enclosures. This requirement is for the safety of the staff members of the public and also of the animals too.

As well as face masks there were also socially distanced queues in place for some of the most popular animals and areas to aid numbers in certain areas. On the day that I went I queued for the Lemur walkthrough, the Realm of the Red Ape and the Jaguar house and the Giraffe houses as well as to view the penguins from below, where there was marks of where to stand by the glass and limited numbers standing by the glass. 

The final measure in place that I wanted to mention is in regards of handwashing. On top of being able to wash your hands in the bathrooms (socially distanced using stickers on the floors by the sinks) there is also 100 hand sanitising stations all around the zoo grounds, which are available to be used and it is always recommended to wash or sanitise your hands before and after every enclosure or area of the zoo.

With everything going on I have to say that I was a little apprehensive before my visit BUT I have to say I really appreciated everything that Chester Zoo had done and I felt very safe and had an amazing day. All tickets need to be pre-booked right now and they have limited the number they allow in each day but I would definitely recommend a trip to all animal lovers young and old.

Have you visited Chester Zoo before?

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