Currently I'm...Summer 2020 Edition

4 August 2020

Back in the infancy of this pandemic I wrote a currently I'm post, a post which I discussed a few things I've been enjoying in various categories something that I got (*nicked) the idea of from Carrie Hope Fletcher. 

As we are now in week 45032 of this lockdown but not lockdown, I thought I'd do a second stab at it all, so let's go.

Currently I'm....

READING...I've again just finished a book. This one I'm not even getting into because I am definitely going to write a post about it and it might be controversial. The problem with finishing  a book is that I am currently in that mood where I don't know what my next book should be and so I just reread the ends of books I've already read until the lust for a new book hits.

WATCHING...I haven't had anything that has grasped me recently. Last month I began to rewatch Poldark from the beginning because you know Aidan Turner (phwoar) but I stopped watching it before I went away. I just feel like I haven't got the attention span right now to watch a series because my mind is going a mile a minute thinking of everything that is going on right now.

LISTENING TO...Just like last time, I've had a lot of musical theatre songs in my ears. It is my happy place and listening to them boost my mood and sometimes even my productivity. On top of this I have been listening to a  playlist that I made myself last month for a day I knew I'd need a boost and called it "Happiness" and boy does it do the job. Well done me!

COOKING...Recently haven't been cooking a good deal but I have recently got the baking bug, I really want to bake some chocolate brownies or some Pret cookies. Honestly I want to make something chocolatey and I think it's allowed as on Saturday 8th I turn 30 years young.

TRYING...To keep busy. As much as I like to relax, there is part of me that feels like I should remain productive whilst I've got the time to be productive if that makes sense. August is the weirdest of months for me so I've set myself the challenge of creating more content for my YouTube channel The Clare Necessities and I would like to write more too.

OBSESSED...Dancing like no-one is watching. Random I know but there is nothing better for your mind than asking Alexa to play your favourite tunes and flailing your arms and legs around and shaking what your mother gave you. 

What have you been loving currently?

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