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20 August 2020

BOOK REVIEW| Normal People by Sally Rooney

 There are some things that gain so much popularity that you end up having to see what the hype is. This book, Normal People by Sally Rooney, which also this year was turned into a BBC series gained so much excitement that I had to put this book into my basket and read it.

I am not one to watch something before I've read something so I had no knowledge of what the plot was prior to beginning the book, which was good as I often think that the television programme is different to the original book. Anyway, Normal People centres around two "friends" Connell and Marianne,who we first met when they are in senior school both striving to get into Trinity College in Dublin. Connell is one of the popular guys in school and Marianne is the opposite. Both travel in different circles but a chance conversation takes their relationship in a completely different route.The way this story begins you think you know how it will end but the two main characters like to throw you a few curveballs and forks in their individual and dual lives.

For me, the way it was written was a little jarring. There is no speech marks in so any piece of dialogue is a bit confusing to read through and it actually took me rereading paragraphs to work out who had said what and when. Alongside that, this book also took me a really long time to read. On average a book takes me about a  month to read but this one ended up taking a whole other month on top to read. At times I found I didn't have the interest in the book and it was only the hype surrounding the book pushing me to keep reading.

Upon Finishing the book, I felt like it was sudden and in a way unfinished. Overall after all the hype that the book and tv series had got I was left feeling a little disappointed. I enjoyed the book and plot in places but the hype didn't come to fruition, which was a real shame.

Rating (out of 5)


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