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7 August 2020

Well this is a blast from the past. When I first started on my internet journey (sounds so naughty) I wrote about beauty products even though I had very limited knowledge on make up, skincare and everything in between. Let's be honest I still no nothing but I've learnt some bits and bobs along the way.

On The Clare Necessities YouTube channel this month I have decided to make more videos and talk about more stuff. One of my plans during the month is to do something called Foundation Friday and to go alongside those videos (which will be linked down below if you wish to watch) I thought I'd write my thoughts down on screen to in the form of a blog post.

Long story short, this product does what it says on the is a skin tint. It's not a full coverage concealer and yes it doesn't cover everything but it is light weight feeling, a lovely light coverage and because Lumene is a predominately a skincare brand I feel like they know what works.

The brand itself calls the product a  moisture-packed skincare and makeup hybrid which claims to have a second skin like look. I have to agree with that description as it feels like nothing on the skin, covering over to give a very natural look to the skin and only really giving the wearer a even looking complexion instead of masking all your sins and spots like a high coverage foundation would.

The skin tint uses Pure Arctic Spring Water and Nordic Algae as two of its named ingredients as they are great hydrators designed to keep skin hydrated for up to 24. Like I said previously this product feels more like skincare with a little make up it opposed to make up with a little skincare in it.

The product comes in four shades; Universal Light, Universal Medium, Universal Dark and Universal Deep. I know that four shades doesn't sound like a lot but I feel that each shade would blend into your skincare with a little buffing. For reference, I use the shade Universal Light.

Overall I have fallen in love with this product and I don't I'll be living without it for a while and will definitely be repurchasing when I've used this one up. There will be a few possible FAQs at the end of this post in case you want to know anything but for this post I shall leave you here. 

Have you tried this product?

Cruelty Free: Yes
Vegan: Yes
Price: £32
Available Where: Readily available online. John Lewis, Feel Unique, Look Fantastic all stock it.
How Does it Apply: Applied and reviewed in the video below.

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