The New Normal

4 April 2020

What a time to be alive eh?

We are all currently going through something that nobody has ever been through before. A global pandemic definitely forces you to look at things a new. I've never spent so much time in my house in so long and with that obviously it gives everyone more time to think about things but also to reevaluate other aspects of yourself. For me,it's giving me chance to  break certain habits and gain new ones change from one normal to a new normal.

I've fallen back in love with reading. It is definitely something tat I do in waves, one minute I can't put a book down the next I can't pick one up. I have put myself back onto the book reading path recently and I'm currently reading each evening before I go to sleep for a little escapism before bed because let's be honest in the current climate we all need a little escape.

I am also exercising more than I did, in a one way or another. Due to our current restriction of one piece of exercise a day, our family have a rota for walking the dog. I'm currently part of the evening team which means after a day of work I can switch off, get some fresh air and take a picture of a sunset or two.

The one thing I truly miss is the knowledge that theatres are there for the hard times. For me, theatre is an escape something that is there for me at all times. If I'm down it is there to lift me up and if I'm up then it'll make my mood even better. Obviously every theatre is shut with no returning opening dates set in stone and that is the worst bit for me. Luckily we have the internet, with so many places to watch something. I will write a completely separate blog post on the shows available to watch and where to watch them and I might even review a few on here too as I am currently part of a whatsapp group of fellow theatre lovers where we are watching shows together and talking about them. It's getting us all through this very weird theatre free world.

The strangest thing though out of everything is that there is really no real routine in life right now. I've heard many people say that it is an extended version of that time in between Christmas and New Years Day where nobody knows what day it is and what we should be doing. I myself currently has the weirdest sleeping pattern, I'm eating at all sorts of times of the day and my motivation comes very much in waves.

Through this time I think the best way to think is to just take it day by day, if you achieve everything great, if you just make it through the day that's also good. Me, I think I'm going to keep going, I'd like to type my feelings out and use my platforms for good. If you want to escape from your world for a bit come to mine. I'm still publishing YouTube content on all three of my channels and I'm going to be here typing my feelings and thoughts and just keeping everyone up to date.

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