Surviving without Theatre during Lockdown

10 May 2020

For me as I've said before, theatre is like a limb, I can't really be without it. So when theatres started announcing they were closing in line with the lockdown that was when I knew that it was all serious and real.

Through this period I have managed to survive thanks to theatre online, a lot of shows have been recorded for purchasing or prosperity and luckily a lot have been released during the shut downs PLUS they have been raising money for people in the industry who need it. I thought I'd create a list of where it is possible to watch shows during this time if you are a theatre fan like me who heart aches for live theatre again or whether you just want a singalong in your living room on your sofa although can we just say that when the theatres reopen can we not singalong unless you're asked to...k thanks bye.

So here we go, here's as many as I can find and I will add to the list as it grows...

hamilton seat view

Eugenius...the show that started my lockdown. A show that has a place in my heart. A show that has some amazing songs and many laughs and a lot of geeky references to various things from film to games and everything in between. It is available on YouTube, which you can find HERE.

The Show Must Go On...speaking of YouTube we have two more to speak of. Firstly, The Show Must Go On, which is where every Friday for 48 hours a show from Andrew Lloyd Webber's back catalogue gets released for watching before it is taken off YouTube again. So far there has been Joseph, Jesus Christ Superstar, Phantom of the Opera and Love Never Dies. Check out the channel HERE to see the next show and return every Friday at 7pm to see what the next show is.

National Theatre at Home...Finally on YouTube we have one more streaming channel. The National Theatre are currently streaming one of their shows every Thursday for a week. The NT have created some amazing pieces of theatre, which have included One Man, Two Guvnors and Jane Eyre to name just a few so far and I bet they've got so many more gems up their sleeves. If you want to see what they are currently showing, you can find their channel HERE.

Cast Recordings...If you need a break from watching lots of classic shows, there is always a good cast recording to sink your teeth into. Whilst you clean your house for the hundreth time, whilst you are heading out for your hour activity or even whilst you are writing a blog post about how to survive without theatre during lockdown..there is a recording for you, either pick your favourite or discover a new favourite. Now is there time to dance around in your front room like it is your stage.

BroadwayHD...if YouTube isn't your bag but you want to watch a show, may I suggest subscribing to something like BroadwayHD, which is a subscription streaming platform. Call it a Netflix for theatre fans young and old. There's something for everyone from a classic bit of Shakespeare to the most recent production of Fame the Musical, which I actually saw last year whilst it was on tour. A subscription is $8.99 monthly and will keep you busy until theatres reopen.

Leave a Light On...if you are missing your live music, my final suggestion is for you. The Theatre Cafe in London alongside Lambert Jackson Productions are creating a range of concerts from the West End's brightest and best stars, straight from their front rooms into ours. Each concert is £7.50 each and lasts normally around 45mins to 1 hour. To see who will be playing this week, check out The Theatre Cafe's website HERE.

There are various other places to find your theatre fix, which increases day by day. But here these are my favourites, so with that I bid my farewells. Enjoy your theatre fixes during this hard time for theatre lovers. Donate to theatre charities if possible during this pandemic and hopefully I shall see you all soon in a theatre again soon.

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