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12 April 2020

I'm always one to jump on a bandwagon I thought I'd have a go at something that I saw on a video on YouTube by Carrie Hope Fletcher. Essentially, it's a chance to discuss what I'm currently doing. Let's be honest right now I'm mostly sat in very comfy clothes sat on a laptop, whilst eating everything in sight but luckily for me Carrie has got some categories to go through. So are you ready and comfortable, currently I'm...

READING... I've literally finished my current book, which was The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver. It is a book I was desperate to read after reading her first book One Day in December. I shall review the book soon and I'm now going to sit and decide my next book.
WATCHING...With nothing else to do, I'm watching a lot. I have watched a lot of old favourites on Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney + because I'm crazy and have everything. The other things I have enjoyed watching are live theatre shows that have been released during this lock down period, which definitely helps tie me over until the theatres re open. I am also part of a theatre Whatsapp group, where we all watch the same show at the same time and chat about it which is really nice.
LISTENING TO...Again a lot of musical theatre songs are being listened to. Musical theatre for me is a safe place, a haven and therefore if anything is going to get me through this time it shall be musicals. Current favourites have been You Will Be Found from Dear Evan Hansen and the entire Prince of Egypt London Cast Recording.

COOKING... At home I have helped with the cooking even helping with the Sunday lunches which is my favourite thing to do. Right now though I want to do some baking but I just don't know what to bake and I also don't know if we have the ingredients too.
TRYING...To keep some normality. In this weird situation where nothing is as it should be, I have definitely found it difficult at times to keep my brain healthy. For me finding normality is key. Keeping up with my uploading schedule on YouTube is helpful especially as the editing portion gives my mind something to concentrate. I think writing this blog will also help so definitely keep up to date with everything on here.

OBSESSED WITH...Television shows. I'm one for terrible reality american television. I have recently got back into the Real Housewives franchise and the most recent find has been the newest series of Real Housewives of New York City. As well as that I have also fallen back in love with The Good Karma Hospital and Our Girl, both of which have got new series currently on television, which gives me something to watch every week and something to countdown to as well.

What have you been enjoying recently?

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