Vegan NOT Cruelty Free

28 March 2020

Since I made the decision to be Cruelty Free at the beginning of this year I have become more interested in what ingredients are in my products. I've spent more time looking at the labels and something I have come across that seems to be turning into a bit of a trend.

Recently there has become a new trend to call a beauty product Vegan due to the ingredients. Although there is no problem with this as the ingredients used in the products are not from animal products or animal by-products, which is a really good thing, there is a problem of sorts with this.

That problem is that some of the products that are now vegan are not made by companies that are cruelty free. So although they are not made by using animal products they are in fact still tested on the animals that would have used for the production of the animal product. It's kind of a double standard if you think about it.

This fact has confused me slightly and annoyed me more than anything because if have cut out anything that comes from an animal, surely you won't be willing to put something on your face, hair or body that has been tested on an animal?

 This is why I use brands like Lush and The Body Shop so much. They are both cruelty free brands and also specify whether the products are vegetarian or vegan. It takes all the stress out of checking PLUS you know those products have not gone anywhere near a cute little bunny rabbit.

It just to me seems to be like certain big brands are trying to jump onto a trend bandwagon, which will boost their sales and make them look good, even whilst testing their products on the animals they're saving. But that's just me, what are your thoughts?

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BOOK REVIEW|Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland

I've really had the reading bug recently, I think it's good for me though as it means more time away from my computer and other electrical items. But secretly I think the bug is back because I love a good story.

My most recent read was Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland, known by many as the fabulous Sprinkle of Glitter online.

Little back story on the author...Louise as I've just said has had a YouTube channel since the early 2010's and I've been a watcher for almost that length of time. I actually started blogging way back when because of her, so without Louise being there I wouldn't be here right now. When she announced she had written a fiction book, I knew that I would need to read the book and once the book was out I bought it straight away.

Wilde Like Me centres around it's main character, one Robin Wilde (a single mother and part time professional make up artist) and her daughter, Lyla. From the moment, I started reading the book the images I had in my head for those two characters were Louise herself (or at least a slightly altered Louise) and her daughter Darcy. I think due to the amount of time that I have been watching Louise this was going to happen but I found it amusing that this is where my head went.

The writing style of this book was very Louise, it is the same way she has been writing on her blog for many years and it was very easy to keep up with. I really enjoy the way the book was written and you could really identify with the characters and it was altogether a pleasure to read.

Have you read this book? What were your thoughts?
Rating (out of 5)