BEAUTY|bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick Review

21 August 2020

Some products are favourites because they look pretty or because they are from your favourite brand. Foundation Sticks are one of my favourite products to use because they are so easy and versatile. Over the year I've own them from various places and brands from High End (Hourglass) to Mid Range (Lush) and even Budget Friendly brands too like Revolution Beauty.

The bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick is described by the brand as "A clean, water-based liquid foundation in a stick that combines hydrating skincare benefits and SPF with naturally radiant, medium coverage". It applies very similarly to other foundation sticks that I have used in the past and I do agree that the coverage it gives is a medium coverage. Once applied and blended into the skin, the foundation has a light feeling and doesn't appear or feel cakey or blocking on the skin, which has happened previously.

Application for this product is quite simple, you either can apply to a brush and blend in that way or you can do what I do which is to apply straight to the skin and then blend out that way. I prefer applying straight to the skin as that way I get to draw things on my face before making them disappear. My personal preference is to draw cat whiskers on my cheeks as I feel that gets the product where it needs to be PLUS it's fun and that's the real reason we apply make up...for the fun of it.

This foundation comes in 20 shade ranging from 01 Opal for fair skin with cool undertones to 11.5 Mahogany for deep skin with neutral undertones. For reference I bought and use the first shade Opal and it matches perfectly.

Overall I really enjoy this foundation and I have been impressed with it so far but as I said at the beginning for me a stick foundation has to be rather poor for me not to like it. It is also perfect to travel with due to its size and compact shape so I will be definitely be using it again on my next trip.

Again there is a few possible FAQs at the end of this post in case you want to know anything but for this post I shall leave you here. 

Have you tried this product?

Cruelty Free: Yes
Vegan: Yes
Price: £29
Available Where: Widely Stocked
How Does it Apply: Applied and reviewed in the video below

BOOK REVIEW| Normal People by Sally Rooney

20 August 2020

 There are some things that gain so much popularity that you end up having to see what the hype is. This book, Normal People by Sally Rooney, which also this year was turned into a BBC series gained so much excitement that I had to put this book into my basket and read it.

I am not one to watch something before I've read something so I had no knowledge of what the plot was prior to beginning the book, which was good as I often think that the television programme is different to the original book. Anyway, Normal People centres around two "friends" Connell and Marianne,who we first met when they are in senior school both striving to get into Trinity College in Dublin. Connell is one of the popular guys in school and Marianne is the opposite. Both travel in different circles but a chance conversation takes their relationship in a completely different route.The way this story begins you think you know how it will end but the two main characters like to throw you a few curveballs and forks in their individual and dual lives.

For me, the way it was written was a little jarring. There is no speech marks in so any piece of dialogue is a bit confusing to read through and it actually took me rereading paragraphs to work out who had said what and when. Alongside that, this book also took me a really long time to read. On average a book takes me about a  month to read but this one ended up taking a whole other month on top to read. At times I found I didn't have the interest in the book and it was only the hype surrounding the book pushing me to keep reading.

Upon Finishing the book, I felt like it was sudden and in a way unfinished. Overall after all the hype that the book and tv series had got I was left feeling a little disappointed. I enjoyed the book and plot in places but the hype didn't come to fruition, which was a real shame.

Rating (out of 5)


Have you read this book?


18 August 2020

 Recently I realised that I take so many pictures when I'm out and on my travels but the pictures never see the light of day. I decided to change this by starting this series. Named simply Postcard from it's a look at my travels through my photos.

I visited Chester Zoo on 08/08/2020 as a 30th Birthday. Social distancing measures were in order and most people were following them correctly. Face coverings were required inside the inside enclosures which included the Realm of the Red Ape, The Tropical Zone, Jaguar and Monkey houses, Dragons in Danger and the Giraffe and Butterfly house  and also any of the outside walkthrough enclosures including the Lemur Walkthrough and the various aviary enclosures. This requirement is for the safety of the staff members of the public and also of the animals too.

As well as face masks there were also socially distanced queues in place for some of the most popular animals and areas to aid numbers in certain areas. On the day that I went I queued for the Lemur walkthrough, the Realm of the Red Ape and the Jaguar house and the Giraffe houses as well as to view the penguins from below, where there was marks of where to stand by the glass and limited numbers standing by the glass. 

The final measure in place that I wanted to mention is in regards of handwashing. On top of being able to wash your hands in the bathrooms (socially distanced using stickers on the floors by the sinks) there is also 100 hand sanitising stations all around the zoo grounds, which are available to be used and it is always recommended to wash or sanitise your hands before and after every enclosure or area of the zoo.

With everything going on I have to say that I was a little apprehensive before my visit BUT I have to say I really appreciated everything that Chester Zoo had done and I felt very safe and had an amazing day. All tickets need to be pre-booked right now and they have limited the number they allow in each day but I would definitely recommend a trip to all animal lovers young and old.

Have you visited Chester Zoo before?

BEAUTY|Revolution Pro CC Cream Perfecting Foundation Review

14 August 2020

A new week and a different foundation to chat about. As I might have said in the last post, I have changed my foundation preferences in recent times. About 5 years ago, I would have batted away anything that was not full coverage. I had and still do have a tendency to have a spotty chin and I would do everything I could to hide that fact. Now as I'm thirty years old, I'm older and wiser and have learnt to love the skin I'm in and the good and bad bits of it.

Last week's foundation was "skin tint" by name alone you could guess it is a light coverage product, only designed to uniform the look and colour of your skin. This week's offering is a little bit different.

Revolution Pro CC Cream Perfecting Foundation is not like any other CC Cream I've ever tried before in that it is a rather thick feeling foundation like product when pumped out of the tube initially. It is definitely more foundation feeling than CC Cream feeling in that respect.Saying this though on the face itself once blended, the product is really light feeling and not at all heavy or cakey and for that I'm glad. I'd definitely say this product is a medium to full buildable coverage.

The selling point for me in this product was that the foundation contained hyaluronic acid and collagen,which means it is designed to protect and even out the skintone. This is very much need for me and my skin in my "later years". I've definitely am looking into skincare and make up which has the more moisturising and hydrating properties so in that respect I was all for this 

This foundation comes in 20 shades ranging from fair tones to dark shades, each with a variety of tones. For reference, I bought and wear F3 which is for fair skin tones with a neutral/ pink undertone and that matches me perfectly.

I have to say that I am very impressed with this foundation. I didn't know what to expect from something that was called both a CC Cream and a foundation but I really enjoy it on days when I want a little bit more coverage but still want something that's light feeling on the skin. 

Again there is a few possible FAQs at the end of this post in case you want to know anything but for this post I shall leave you here. 

Have you tried this product?

Cruelty Free: Yes
Vegan: Not mentioned on the Website
Price: £10
Available Where: Revolution online, Superdrug, ASOS and Beauty Bay all stock it.
How Does it Apply: Applied and reviewed in the video below

BEAUTY|Lumene Fresh Tint

7 August 2020

Well this is a blast from the past. When I first started on my internet journey (sounds so naughty) I wrote about beauty products even though I had very limited knowledge on make up, skincare and everything in between. Let's be honest I still no nothing but I've learnt some bits and bobs along the way.

On The Clare Necessities YouTube channel this month I have decided to make more videos and talk about more stuff. One of my plans during the month is to do something called Foundation Friday and to go alongside those videos (which will be linked down below if you wish to watch) I thought I'd write my thoughts down on screen to in the form of a blog post.

Long story short, this product does what it says on the is a skin tint. It's not a full coverage concealer and yes it doesn't cover everything but it is light weight feeling, a lovely light coverage and because Lumene is a predominately a skincare brand I feel like they know what works.

The brand itself calls the product a  moisture-packed skincare and makeup hybrid which claims to have a second skin like look. I have to agree with that description as it feels like nothing on the skin, covering over to give a very natural look to the skin and only really giving the wearer a even looking complexion instead of masking all your sins and spots like a high coverage foundation would.

The skin tint uses Pure Arctic Spring Water and Nordic Algae as two of its named ingredients as they are great hydrators designed to keep skin hydrated for up to 24. Like I said previously this product feels more like skincare with a little make up it opposed to make up with a little skincare in it.

The product comes in four shades; Universal Light, Universal Medium, Universal Dark and Universal Deep. I know that four shades doesn't sound like a lot but I feel that each shade would blend into your skincare with a little buffing. For reference, I use the shade Universal Light.

Overall I have fallen in love with this product and I don't I'll be living without it for a while and will definitely be repurchasing when I've used this one up. There will be a few possible FAQs at the end of this post in case you want to know anything but for this post I shall leave you here. 

Have you tried this product?

Cruelty Free: Yes
Vegan: Yes
Price: £32
Available Where: Readily available online. John Lewis, Feel Unique, Look Fantastic all stock it.
How Does it Apply: Applied and reviewed in the video below.

Currently I'm...Summer 2020 Edition

4 August 2020

Back in the infancy of this pandemic I wrote a currently I'm post, a post which I discussed a few things I've been enjoying in various categories something that I got (*nicked) the idea of from Carrie Hope Fletcher. 

As we are now in week 45032 of this lockdown but not lockdown, I thought I'd do a second stab at it all, so let's go.

Currently I'm....

READING...I've again just finished a book. This one I'm not even getting into because I am definitely going to write a post about it and it might be controversial. The problem with finishing  a book is that I am currently in that mood where I don't know what my next book should be and so I just reread the ends of books I've already read until the lust for a new book hits.

WATCHING...I haven't had anything that has grasped me recently. Last month I began to rewatch Poldark from the beginning because you know Aidan Turner (phwoar) but I stopped watching it before I went away. I just feel like I haven't got the attention span right now to watch a series because my mind is going a mile a minute thinking of everything that is going on right now.

LISTENING TO...Just like last time, I've had a lot of musical theatre songs in my ears. It is my happy place and listening to them boost my mood and sometimes even my productivity. On top of this I have been listening to a  playlist that I made myself last month for a day I knew I'd need a boost and called it "Happiness" and boy does it do the job. Well done me!

COOKING...Recently haven't been cooking a good deal but I have recently got the baking bug, I really want to bake some chocolate brownies or some Pret cookies. Honestly I want to make something chocolatey and I think it's allowed as on Saturday 8th I turn 30 years young.

TRYING...To keep busy. As much as I like to relax, there is part of me that feels like I should remain productive whilst I've got the time to be productive if that makes sense. August is the weirdest of months for me so I've set myself the challenge of creating more content for my YouTube channel The Clare Necessities and I would like to write more too.

OBSESSED...Dancing like no-one is watching. Random I know but there is nothing better for your mind than asking Alexa to play your favourite tunes and flailing your arms and legs around and shaking what your mother gave you. 

What have you been loving currently?

THEATRE REVIEW|The Last Five Years Stream

27 June 2020

After our last chat, apologies for the delay in new content, when we talked about how to survive without live theatre during the lockdown a few things have been added to the mix. One of those things being the addition of ticketed live streams of shows and performances, which almost makes it feel like you are sitting in a theatre watching a show you've been excited about.

One of those streams is The Last Five Years which was produced by Lambert Jackson Productions alongside The Other Palace and staring Lauren Samuels and Danny Becker.


The Last Five Years is a show that was aware for many years but I'd never got the chance to see live so when this performance started selling tickets I knew that I had to buy a ticket. The show itself is a look at a New York couple's relationship over a 5 year time period, watching them fall in and out of love during that time. The interesting part of this show is unconventional with its story telling as the character of Jamie (played in this performance by the delightful Danny Becker) telling his story chronologically from the couple's first encounter to the end of the relationship whereas the character of Cathy (played in this performance by the wonderful Lauren Samuels) tells the story in reverse from the tumultuous and turbulent end of the relationship to the start. This means that the two characters don't directly act against each other except one song in the middle when the two timelines cross over.

This story telling idea works well in Lockdown as that meant the two actors could individually film their performances separately and edited together afterwards. The perfomance itself took the look of a Zoom call, which I thought worked well as it has become part of day to day life in recent times. It was wonderfully edited and I have to applaud all the work done behind the scenes for its overall look and production.

Like I said the cast was Lauren Samuels as Cathy and Danny Becker as Jamie. Both performances were top notch, bringing the songs I have listened to on repeat through headphones for years to life in front of my very eyes on my computer screen and hats off to both actors for portraying all the emotions and feelings through a screen, still able to grasp at the watcher's heartstrings and make them feel for the pair through some of the most heartbreaking times in a relationship.

At the time of writing, the show has one more performance on 27th June 2020 at 7.30pm GMT and it's definitely worth a watch. A ticket costs £8 and the performance is 90 minutes with no interval. 

I'm so pleased that I finally got to see a show I have loved for years "in real life" and hope there will be more opportunities to see shows like this again whilst we wait as patiently as we can for the chance to sit in an actual theatre again.

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Rating (out of 5)


Surviving without Theatre during Lockdown

10 May 2020

For me as I've said before, theatre is like a limb, I can't really be without it. So when theatres started announcing they were closing in line with the lockdown that was when I knew that it was all serious and real.

Through this period I have managed to survive thanks to theatre online, a lot of shows have been recorded for purchasing or prosperity and luckily a lot have been released during the shut downs PLUS they have been raising money for people in the industry who need it. I thought I'd create a list of where it is possible to watch shows during this time if you are a theatre fan like me who heart aches for live theatre again or whether you just want a singalong in your living room on your sofa although can we just say that when the theatres reopen can we not singalong unless you're asked to...k thanks bye.

So here we go, here's as many as I can find and I will add to the list as it grows...

hamilton seat view

Eugenius...the show that started my lockdown. A show that has a place in my heart. A show that has some amazing songs and many laughs and a lot of geeky references to various things from film to games and everything in between. It is available on YouTube, which you can find HERE.

The Show Must Go On...speaking of YouTube we have two more to speak of. Firstly, The Show Must Go On, which is where every Friday for 48 hours a show from Andrew Lloyd Webber's back catalogue gets released for watching before it is taken off YouTube again. So far there has been Joseph, Jesus Christ Superstar, Phantom of the Opera and Love Never Dies. Check out the channel HERE to see the next show and return every Friday at 7pm to see what the next show is.

National Theatre at Home...Finally on YouTube we have one more streaming channel. The National Theatre are currently streaming one of their shows every Thursday for a week. The NT have created some amazing pieces of theatre, which have included One Man, Two Guvnors and Jane Eyre to name just a few so far and I bet they've got so many more gems up their sleeves. If you want to see what they are currently showing, you can find their channel HERE.

Cast Recordings...If you need a break from watching lots of classic shows, there is always a good cast recording to sink your teeth into. Whilst you clean your house for the hundreth time, whilst you are heading out for your hour activity or even whilst you are writing a blog post about how to survive without theatre during lockdown..there is a recording for you, either pick your favourite or discover a new favourite. Now is there time to dance around in your front room like it is your stage.

BroadwayHD...if YouTube isn't your bag but you want to watch a show, may I suggest subscribing to something like BroadwayHD, which is a subscription streaming platform. Call it a Netflix for theatre fans young and old. There's something for everyone from a classic bit of Shakespeare to the most recent production of Fame the Musical, which I actually saw last year whilst it was on tour. A subscription is $8.99 monthly and will keep you busy until theatres reopen.

Leave a Light On...if you are missing your live music, my final suggestion is for you. The Theatre Cafe in London alongside Lambert Jackson Productions are creating a range of concerts from the West End's brightest and best stars, straight from their front rooms into ours. Each concert is £7.50 each and lasts normally around 45mins to 1 hour. To see who will be playing this week, check out The Theatre Cafe's website HERE.

There are various other places to find your theatre fix, which increases day by day. But here these are my favourites, so with that I bid my farewells. Enjoy your theatre fixes during this hard time for theatre lovers. Donate to theatre charities if possible during this pandemic and hopefully I shall see you all soon in a theatre again soon.

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BOOK REVIEW| The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver

19 April 2020

There are some authors out there that I discover and fall in love with. One of those that I discovered last year was Josie Silver, who released her first book One Day in December in 2018. I read and loved that book last year when I read it so much so that when I saw at the end of the book that you could pre-order Josie's next book which was released on e-book in January of this year.When the day came, the book was downloaded and The Two Lives of Lydia Bird was begun.

The book centres around the main character of Lydia Bird herself, a twenty something with her whole life sorted, a man Freddie who she loves and is engaged to, a loving family and a job she enjoys. But unfortunately on her 27th Birthday, Freddie passes away after a terrible accident. Lydia has to learn to start again, with the help of her mum, sister Elle and Freddie's best friend Jonah, all of which have their own issues to drive through too. But miraculously, Lydia discovers a new way of  gaining a chance at her old life with Freddie. and she needs to find her way through essentially living a double life and what if there's someone in her new life who wants her to stay?

This book was completely different in feel to Josie's first book and it actually took me a while to engage with the characters and the story itself but overall, I grew to love Lydia and her two lives. I became super attached and sat crying at midnight in bed when I finished the book #selfisolationfeels, am I right? I'm not going to give any spoilers but I will only say that I loved the direction of the story and how the book took it's form, showing Lydia's two lives and how things differed in them.

I would recommend this book to all, especially if you were a fan of One Day in December. I already can't wait for Josie's next book, which was hinted at at the end of the e-book, titled Forty-Three Love Letters. I'm now off to fan girl a little more over Josie and her books, especially as I have recently discovered that she is a midlands girl just like me. 

Rating (out of 5)


Have you read this book?

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Currently I'm...

12 April 2020

I'm always one to jump on a bandwagon I thought I'd have a go at something that I saw on a video on YouTube by Carrie Hope Fletcher. Essentially, it's a chance to discuss what I'm currently doing. Let's be honest right now I'm mostly sat in very comfy clothes sat on a laptop, whilst eating everything in sight but luckily for me Carrie has got some categories to go through. So are you ready and comfortable, currently I'm...

READING... I've literally finished my current book, which was The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver. It is a book I was desperate to read after reading her first book One Day in December. I shall review the book soon and I'm now going to sit and decide my next book.
WATCHING...With nothing else to do, I'm watching a lot. I have watched a lot of old favourites on Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney + because I'm crazy and have everything. The other things I have enjoyed watching are live theatre shows that have been released during this lock down period, which definitely helps tie me over until the theatres re open. I am also part of a theatre Whatsapp group, where we all watch the same show at the same time and chat about it which is really nice.
LISTENING TO...Again a lot of musical theatre songs are being listened to. Musical theatre for me is a safe place, a haven and therefore if anything is going to get me through this time it shall be musicals. Current favourites have been You Will Be Found from Dear Evan Hansen and the entire Prince of Egypt London Cast Recording.

COOKING... At home I have helped with the cooking even helping with the Sunday lunches which is my favourite thing to do. Right now though I want to do some baking but I just don't know what to bake and I also don't know if we have the ingredients too.
TRYING...To keep some normality. In this weird situation where nothing is as it should be, I have definitely found it difficult at times to keep my brain healthy. For me finding normality is key. Keeping up with my uploading schedule on YouTube is helpful especially as the editing portion gives my mind something to concentrate. I think writing this blog will also help so definitely keep up to date with everything on here.

OBSESSED WITH...Television shows. I'm one for terrible reality american television. I have recently got back into the Real Housewives franchise and the most recent find has been the newest series of Real Housewives of New York City. As well as that I have also fallen back in love with The Good Karma Hospital and Our Girl, both of which have got new series currently on television, which gives me something to watch every week and something to countdown to as well.

What have you been enjoying recently?

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The New Normal

4 April 2020

What a time to be alive eh?

We are all currently going through something that nobody has ever been through before. A global pandemic definitely forces you to look at things a new. I've never spent so much time in my house in so long and with that obviously it gives everyone more time to think about things but also to reevaluate other aspects of yourself. For me,it's giving me chance to  break certain habits and gain new ones change from one normal to a new normal.

I've fallen back in love with reading. It is definitely something tat I do in waves, one minute I can't put a book down the next I can't pick one up. I have put myself back onto the book reading path recently and I'm currently reading each evening before I go to sleep for a little escapism before bed because let's be honest in the current climate we all need a little escape.

I am also exercising more than I did, in a one way or another. Due to our current restriction of one piece of exercise a day, our family have a rota for walking the dog. I'm currently part of the evening team which means after a day of work I can switch off, get some fresh air and take a picture of a sunset or two.

The one thing I truly miss is the knowledge that theatres are there for the hard times. For me, theatre is an escape something that is there for me at all times. If I'm down it is there to lift me up and if I'm up then it'll make my mood even better. Obviously every theatre is shut with no returning opening dates set in stone and that is the worst bit for me. Luckily we have the internet, with so many places to watch something. I will write a completely separate blog post on the shows available to watch and where to watch them and I might even review a few on here too as I am currently part of a whatsapp group of fellow theatre lovers where we are watching shows together and talking about them. It's getting us all through this very weird theatre free world.

The strangest thing though out of everything is that there is really no real routine in life right now. I've heard many people say that it is an extended version of that time in between Christmas and New Years Day where nobody knows what day it is and what we should be doing. I myself currently has the weirdest sleeping pattern, I'm eating at all sorts of times of the day and my motivation comes very much in waves.

Through this time I think the best way to think is to just take it day by day, if you achieve everything great, if you just make it through the day that's also good. Me, I think I'm going to keep going, I'd like to type my feelings out and use my platforms for good. If you want to escape from your world for a bit come to mine. I'm still publishing YouTube content on all three of my channels and I'm going to be here typing my feelings and thoughts and just keeping everyone up to date.

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Vegan NOT Cruelty Free

28 March 2020

Since I made the decision to be Cruelty Free at the beginning of this year I have become more interested in what ingredients are in my products. I've spent more time looking at the labels and something I have come across that seems to be turning into a bit of a trend.

Recently there has become a new trend to call a beauty product Vegan due to the ingredients. Although there is no problem with this as the ingredients used in the products are not from animal products or animal by-products, which is a really good thing, there is a problem of sorts with this.

That problem is that some of the products that are now vegan are not made by companies that are cruelty free. So although they are not made by using animal products they are in fact still tested on the animals that would have used for the production of the animal product. It's kind of a double standard if you think about it.

This fact has confused me slightly and annoyed me more than anything because if have cut out anything that comes from an animal, surely you won't be willing to put something on your face, hair or body that has been tested on an animal?

 This is why I use brands like Lush and The Body Shop so much. They are both cruelty free brands and also specify whether the products are vegetarian or vegan. It takes all the stress out of checking PLUS you know those products have not gone anywhere near a cute little bunny rabbit.

It just to me seems to be like certain big brands are trying to jump onto a trend bandwagon, which will boost their sales and make them look good, even whilst testing their products on the animals they're saving. But that's just me, what are your thoughts?

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BOOK REVIEW|Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland

I've really had the reading bug recently, I think it's good for me though as it means more time away from my computer and other electrical items. But secretly I think the bug is back because I love a good story.

My most recent read was Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland, known by many as the fabulous Sprinkle of Glitter online.

Little back story on the author...Louise as I've just said has had a YouTube channel since the early 2010's and I've been a watcher for almost that length of time. I actually started blogging way back when because of her, so without Louise being there I wouldn't be here right now. When she announced she had written a fiction book, I knew that I would need to read the book and once the book was out I bought it straight away.

Wilde Like Me centres around it's main character, one Robin Wilde (a single mother and part time professional make up artist) and her daughter, Lyla. From the moment, I started reading the book the images I had in my head for those two characters were Louise herself (or at least a slightly altered Louise) and her daughter Darcy. I think due to the amount of time that I have been watching Louise this was going to happen but I found it amusing that this is where my head went.

The writing style of this book was very Louise, it is the same way she has been writing on her blog for many years and it was very easy to keep up with. I really enjoy the way the book was written and you could really identify with the characters and it was altogether a pleasure to read.

Have you read this book? What were your thoughts?
Rating (out of 5)