Wednesday, 18 September 2019

REVIEW| Come From Away at Phoenix Theatre, London

On the eleventh day of the ninth month in 2001, the world was changed forever. There isn't person in the world who wouldn't have been affected by or who won't remember where they were when they heard the news of the terrorist attacks in New York.
What you might not be aware of or remember is what happened to the planes and people who were supposed to fly through the american airspace on that day. Well 38 planes ended up being to diverted to Newfoundland into a small town called Gander. It is this story that is the basis of the hit musical, Come From Away, currently playing in London at the Phoenix Theatre.

The story of Come from Away is what happened in Gander when the United States airspace was close following the 9/11 attacks when 38 planes landed in Gander and the local schools, community buildings and any large space was taken over to house the "plane people". The musical tells the true story of people who lived in Gander and the people who ended up in Gander after they were diverted. The whole thing to me is fascinating and really interesting and shows what happens when a little human kindness gets paved forward.

Another thing that I love about this show is that the cast is made up of only 12 people, each performer plays at least one member of the Gander community as well as at least one "plane person" and it's amazing to watch them perform each role spectacularly.
The music of the show is so hard to describe, it's not "classic musical theatre" but if listened to you could understand the story being told. It also has a folky sound, inspired by where the show is set. I personally love it and will happily sing along at the top of my voice whilst driving to and from work.
I've seen this show twice and both times I have uploaded a review for my theatre channel, The Theatre Necessities, so if you want to know more about the show then I'll link the first video here and the second video (starring the lovely Elle from Blonde Elle) here so feel free to check these videos.
I would 100% recommend seeing this show, I've already seen it twice and I'm already desperate to see it again soon. I'm definitely an Islander.

Rating (out of 5)


C x

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