Sunday, 15 September 2019

Mid-Year Reset

For me working in Education, I often think of September as a time of new starts, it's the beginning of new school year and a time for new things, classes, stationary etc. You might know that back in January, both here on the blog and also on my YouTube Channel I did a set of goals for 2019 and as with most times I set goals, it went alright for a short time before it all went kaput.
With a new start beginning this month and inspired by a video by a creator called Hannah Witton, I decided to do a little mid year reset of the goals I set back in September, giving me a chance to look back, reflect and decide what to do with everything. So without further ado, let's reflect.

1.Read at Least 6 Books... So far this year, according to Goodreads, I've read 8 books. This is a success in my eyes I feel. Earlier this year, I made the concious decision to start reading before bed again instead of scrolling my phone or playing a game etc. It gives my brain the chance to decompress from the day and also helps me to switch off ready for sleeping. I am happy with my total so far and I'd like to thank the fact that I've recently been reading a series of books as that has boosted the total due to the fact I want to know how everything ends. 

2. Get Back into Exercise...Well, well, well. Since I last spoke about all this in January, the whole situation has changed again. My membership to my local (2 minutes away) gym ran out back in May and since then I've done no real exercise apart from the occasional dog walk. BUT this is all about to change as I've only this week joined a new Gym and boy! does my body know about it.

3. Use my Blog more.. With this blog I think I'm going occasionally pop on here, when I have something to say. I have a lot of social eggs in my basket, what with three YouTube channels and various social media outlets to keep on top of that occasionally other things drop by the wayside. So if you like reading what I'm writing follow the blog on bloglovin' or twitter because I'll share when I post.

4. Spend More Time with Friends...This is ongoing, as I said in the original post, my closest friend lives a good while away and we have to properly organise our catch ups but I don't mind because what is important is the time spent with the ones we care about.

5. Experience a Lush Spa... Out of all the "goals" this is one I really don't mind succeeding on. I'll get there eventually.

6. Decide What Kind of Videos I want to Make...This one is easy. I recently decided that I don't want to decide. It's safe to say my niche is that I don't have a niche. One week, I might be filming and uploading a haul video and then the next might be a foodie video or even a beauty related video. Check out The Clare Necessities YouTube channel if any of that tickles your pickle.

7.Use My Planner More... I really haven't used my planner at all to the point I am not buying a planner next year. I just don't take the time to plan properly with a planner.

8. Rely Less on Micellar Water and Treat My Skin Better...I have been using less Micellar water recently but that's mainly down to the fact that I don't have much in the house. Just like with crisps (my other main vice in life) if it is not in the house I can't have and use them. I use micellar water at the moment in the times of emergencies like when it's got way past my bed time and I can't function to complete a double cleanse.

9. See 25 Shows...This is always my favourite fun goal. I'm currently on 22 shows (or 23 if you class Harry Potter and the Cursed Child as two shows for the two pasts you watch) and I have at least on weekend of theatre in London to still see so let's see how many shows I can see before the year is out.

With three months left to go in 2019, let's see what happens and discuss again in December.


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  1. It sounds like you've had a really productive year - I think that booking into a Lush spa is a great goal to have! I'd love to experience it one day :) xx

    Jessie |