Tuesday, 1 January 2019

New Year, Same Me

2019...Welcome come in, grab a cuppa and get comfy.

It's officially the new year and I've decided to have a bit of a blog revamp and another, yes another attempt at writing on this blog. As 2018, went on I realised that I had put too much on top of my head and something had to give. As you might assume that thing, as it usually is, was the blog.

In 2018, I started too many things that I couldn't carry on with, from new instagram accounts to new blogs, all of which came and went within months of starting them and as the new year came upon us all I decided to have a look at my priorities and decide what was important to me as an online content creator. Don't worry I felt awkward typing that just like you are probably feeling reading it.

So here it is, the new year brings the same scatty me but with some alterations. My main focus will be as it should to work at my job as that pays the bills but this has always been the case. Anything I do online is purely for my own amusement and due to the fact I have no social life or friends that lie nearby. Saying all this though, I get very serious about things online from my various YouTube channels, twitter, instagram and such. It is this that I want to alter, hopefully for the better, this year.

YouTube for me will probably just chunder on as it has for as long as I remember. The Clare Necessities, the channel, may go through a few changes as I decide how it's all going to go on moving forward, The Vlog Necessities will go on with me showing bits and bobs that I get up to when I'm not working and The Theatre Necessities will continue on sharing my reviews of the theatre shows I see.

Instagram and twitter are going to be actually used by me this year but not just for promotion of YouTube videos and such but instead as a living memory box for myself. I'm never going to be able to understand any of the algorithms used by social media platforms and in fact I'm never really going to know what an algorithm really is as I'm the least technical person you will ever meet so who cares about gaining popularity, followers and the alike and instead just use social media to post things I'm thinking and pictures I'm taking. Speaking of instagram, I'm going to think about what I'm doing with all the various profiles I have on that platform and hopefully compact them into one or two instagram accounts that I can use the way I want.

Finally to the blog, welcome once again to The Clare Necessities blog. A place that I can ramble on for days one day and then not do any writing on it for a while. It's just the way I roll. But in all seriousness, I actually really like writing down blog posts like this, if you could imagine me sitting cross legged on my sofa with headphones on listening to the Heathers the Musical cast recording and tapping away like a crazy thing then you would be able to see the happy me...especially the cast recording listening part because theatre just makes me happy. Over the next few weeks and months, I will occasionally post a blog post but I'm not placing any pressure on myself by setting myself schedule. Instead it'll be that when I wish to write I will do. All topics are open for discussion but if there's an area you enjoy reading more than others then feel free to check the categories list in the drop down menu at the top of the page.

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