Sunday, 6 January 2019

A Re-Introduction to Me

As we are beginning a new year and I am typing more on this blog I thought it would be nice to reintroduce you all to me as you might be stumbling on to my blog for the first time or you might be a long time watcher of my videos but you don't know much about me.

Let's dive in shall we...

Age/Location...I'm a 28 year old living in the Midlands in the UK. Slowly nearing 30 is scaring me and exciting me at the same time and the midlands is a good place to live, I know nothing else, from birth to university and beyond, I've always lived in the midlands but I'm definitely a country bumpkin that occasionally goes into the big wide world.

Music Taste...I will listen to pretty much anything. My Top 100 list on Spotify for 2018 would highlight this. I spend a lot of time listening to music from my youth alongside some more up to date stuff with the occasional musical theatre song thrown in. I do draw the line sometimes when it comes to some of the chart music on the radio because to me some of it is just noise and copious amounts of bragging about having all the cars and ladies and I'm sorry but that's just not music is it?

Fears...I'm always in a slight state of fear of something in life. I'm one of those people that worries about every little single thing and I always imagine that the worst thing is going to happen even if it doesn't. My "big" fears have diminished over the years as I've trained myself not to as fearful of a few things, underground escalators aren't going to collapse and drop me many many metres down to the ground. I still have a phobia of snakes, to the point that I can't even see them on the television and I still think that I win the strangest fear award as my other fear is wax models, don't ask it stems from a childhood of visiting historical buildings and one solitary television programme from the nineties.

Favourite Colour...For the most part my favourite colour is purple, my bedroom is purple so is the curtains as are the artificial peonies on my dresser. I love to wear purple make up as it works well with my skin tone and eye colour. That being said I am partial to a yellow, especially the mustard yellow that was popular last autumn as it's a bright happy shade that can brighten up anything, an outfit, a room even someone's day.

Star Sign... I was born on the 8th of August so that makes me a Leo but I'm definitely the least Leo in characteristics that you can be but I do enjoy that the symbol is a lion because it makes me feel strong.

Hogwarts House...I'm a proud Hufflepuff, the proudest that can be. I like that we are loyal and patient and hardworking. It's just me to a tea. In case you are also wondering my patronus is a West Highland Terrier. Yes I do love Harry Potter...who doesn't?

I'm happiest when...I'm on a beach with the sand between my toes and the waves lapping on the land, I find it very calming and all together therapeutic. There can be a lot to be said for walking along a beach no matter what the weather is doing and just having some peace and quiet letting all stresses and worries float out to sea as the tide goes away.

My true loves...Theatre, playing with make up and my friends. Theatre has the magical power to change your emotional state a million times in a show and it is one of my favourite ways to spend money by going to London to watch all the theatre available to me. Make up is magical because it gives you a chance to be yourself but not yourself. For example, slap on a red lip on a down day and immediately you are more confident, having a flat day can be brightened with the swish of colour on your face...even when it goes wrong you can still laugh over that.
Friends also have the ability to brighten a bad day, but even better that make up they can also sense you're having a bad day before you've even properly had it. I'm very lucky to have my group of friends in my world and I'm truly grateful to them for all they've done.

One final thing about me is that I hate my photo being taken so to find pictures appropriate for this post was incredibly tricky. It's a good job I have to make thumbnail pictures for my YouTube Channels, let me tell you. Well that is it, a little re-introduction for you all. It's nice to meet you.



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