Wednesday, 2 January 2019

2019 New Years Goals

Every year we are programmed as humans to think how we are going to change ourselves to make ourselves better in the upcoming year. Some people make resolutions but I found a few years ago calling them resolutions were just pointless as I gave up on them after a few weeks or so. Instead I now write down a collection of goals that I aim to try in the year and this year is the same.

I always publish a video on my YouTube channel, The Clare Necessities, where I state my goals for the year and I will be doing the same soon but I thought as I am also using my blog a bit more I would write them down here.

1.Read at Least 6 Books... This is an annual goal of mine in order for me to take some time away from a computer screen. There is nothing better than getting stuck into a good book and now that I have Good Reads I can keep on top of all the books that I really want to read through 2019.

2. Get Back into Exercise... As goals go, this is an important one for me. Not from a health prospective, although feeling stronger and healthier is always good but more from a self care prospective. In early September, my life changed slightly due to a few changes and those changes meant that I was unable to go to the exercise classes that I had been attending previously. For me the exercise classes was a time to get a little exercise but also to be surrounded by new people, who I could chat to and for me this was good for my mind. In 2019, I would love to find a way of getting back to exercise

3. Use my Blog more...Simple goal this one, I would like to write more on this blog, for me more than for everyone else because I honestly don't know whether people like to read what I write but I find the whole process quite therapeutic and for that reason alone I think writing more for this blog would be good for me.

4. Spend More Time with Friends...Although the last couple of blog posts that I have written have made it seem like I'm a friendless individual, this is not actually the case. In fact, I have a good circle of friends around me. The problem lies in that they all live a good distance away from me, it's the curse of making friends online. I would love to see my friends as much as I can so that is why I've set this goal.

5. Experience a Lush Spa...I want to practice in self care/self love a lot more this year and concentrate on myself and treat myself a little more and something I've been interested in doing for a while is taking a trip to a spa as it is something I've not experienced in the past. I recently started looking into spas and it came to my attention that Lush spas exist. I've been looking into the different treatments and I think my first spa experience should be at a Lush Spa...Anyone want to take me?

6. Decide What Kind of Videos I want to Make...On my YouTube channel, The Clare Necessities, I've been having a little content crisis behind the scenes, I'm unsure what videos I wish to make and upload so I'm hoping with a little help from my friends and a little time to think I will find my niche that will make me happy.

7.Use My Planner More... Every year I buy myself some kind of diary/planner and then every year I don't use it to it's full potential. This year, although I'm still waiting for my planner to arrive, I would love to use this years planner to plan out my life...I'm very excited for it to arrive because this years planner has space for a daily list and boy do I love a list.

8. Rely Less on Micellar Water and Treat My Skin Better...There are two sides to me that often have a battle when it comes to skin and body care. The one side is the one that double cleanses, tones and moisturises as well as enveloping the rest of the body in a lovely body butter. The other side is just quickly micellar waters the face and then is done. The problem with the second side is that I'm currently living with skin that hates me a little so I want to kinder to it in 2019.

9. See 25 Shows...Every year I give myself a challenge of how many theatre shows I can see in the year. Last year my total was 22 so I think 25 is quite a good challenge this year.

All relatively attainable goals. Let's see how many we can achieve.


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