Friday, 11 January 2019

Farewell, Kinky Boots

On 12th January at 7.30pm the Price and Sons Factory opens its doors for the last time at the Adelphi Theatre on London's glittering West End. After three wonderful years, Kinky Boots the musical leaves London and for me personally and for many others too it will be a hard day to swallow.

As I have written previously in a separate blog post Kinky Boots is one of my favourite musicals ever due to the message it holds at its core. The message behind the musical as previously mentioned in my prior post the message in Kinky Boots is all about acceptance, that of yourself and everyone else.

In total I have seen the show 3 times on the west end and one additional time on tour and I am grateful to the show for a lot of things. It has been one of my happy places for the past three years an has introduced me to many actors that I am now in love with and will continue to follow them and their performances as they go forwards with their endeavours.

I have been to two cast changes for the show and each time the cast changed I shed a few tears as it was a bit like the end of an era...but this time will be different because it's the end of the biggest era. The show will no longer be playing at the Adelphi and it will be replaced with a new show, which I'm sure in time I will return and see and maybe even gain new memories that I can hold in my heart but for now my heart will be a little bit broken for a while.

I am going to be there in the audience for that final show to give my thanks to a show that has shaped me in the past three years with the biggest cheers that I can muster. There will tears of happiness and sadness shed by me but I know that the audience will be full of fans like me who are grateful for everyone on that stage for performing this great show one more time and also grateful to everyone behind the scenes and the creative team too for bringing this amazing show to London for the past three years.

Goodbye and Farewell Kinky Boots, you will be sorely missed.


Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Theatre-ing It Solo

As I type this blog post, I'm currently on countdown to visiting London for a weekend of theatre like no other. Amongst other things I will be attending the final London show of one of my favourite musicals and I'm sure there's going to be a lot of emotions out on the day.

Out of 22 shows that I saw in 2018, a good 17 were seen by myself alone and most of those were also in London, so I thought I'd talk about going to the theatre alone and what I think about it all.

For me the idea of going into a theatre and seeing a show is heaven to me, it's a chance to exit from your own life for a few hours and get immersed in someone else's story for a while. It's the best feeling to be sat in a theatre and to me it's one of my happy places. I was introduced to theatre from a  youngish age by my family but it wasn't until the age of about 19 that I was introduced to London theatre, which is just something even better.

When it comes to the London shows although I sometimes take my mum with me to see things, but for the most part I go down alone. There is something freeing knowing that you don't need to worry about anyone else and you can just completely engage with the show on a completely different level.  This is one of the massive benefits of going alone to the theatre.

You can often find cheaper seats when you go alone thanks to people's Britishness and the fact people can't book seats next to other people that they don't know...yep that's a thing that happens in the theatre. I often thank us as British people because finding a "cheaper seat" in London is always a godsend because tickets can be expensive, I've paid over £100 for one single ticket in the past.

There are obviously downsides to going to the theatre alone. Firstly the interval can seem longer when you're alone. You first have to take everything you own with you when you need an ice cream or a snack or have to hope the person next to you is a friendly person who will watch your stuff. The dream is when a friendly person sits next to you who actually wants to talk to you in the interval otherwise you've got to hope and pray that your 4G works in the theatre and that instagram etc can be your friend.

The only other downside for me is if I turn into a ball of emotion during a show in the past, which has happened twice to the point I was ugly crying in my seat, there is no-one next to me to comfort me or slap me back to normal so it takes longer to get back to "normal". Well apart from that one time I was actually "mocked" by a not so friendly person next to me in a show for showing any emotion...that snapped me out of it all straight away due to the shock of being laughed at for shedding a little tear.

For me solo theatre going began as a means to an end, a way of watching things I wanted to see that no one else I knew wished to see but it has become one of my favourite things to do and something I'd definitely recommend doing at least once. Would you consider a solo trip to the theatre


Sunday, 6 January 2019

A Re-Introduction to Me

As we are beginning a new year and I am typing more on this blog I thought it would be nice to reintroduce you all to me as you might be stumbling on to my blog for the first time or you might be a long time watcher of my videos but you don't know much about me.

Let's dive in shall we...

Age/Location...I'm a 28 year old living in the Midlands in the UK. Slowly nearing 30 is scaring me and exciting me at the same time and the midlands is a good place to live, I know nothing else, from birth to university and beyond, I've always lived in the midlands but I'm definitely a country bumpkin that occasionally goes into the big wide world.

Music Taste...I will listen to pretty much anything. My Top 100 list on Spotify for 2018 would highlight this. I spend a lot of time listening to music from my youth alongside some more up to date stuff with the occasional musical theatre song thrown in. I do draw the line sometimes when it comes to some of the chart music on the radio because to me some of it is just noise and copious amounts of bragging about having all the cars and ladies and I'm sorry but that's just not music is it?

Fears...I'm always in a slight state of fear of something in life. I'm one of those people that worries about every little single thing and I always imagine that the worst thing is going to happen even if it doesn't. My "big" fears have diminished over the years as I've trained myself not to as fearful of a few things, underground escalators aren't going to collapse and drop me many many metres down to the ground. I still have a phobia of snakes, to the point that I can't even see them on the television and I still think that I win the strangest fear award as my other fear is wax models, don't ask it stems from a childhood of visiting historical buildings and one solitary television programme from the nineties.

Favourite Colour...For the most part my favourite colour is purple, my bedroom is purple so is the curtains as are the artificial peonies on my dresser. I love to wear purple make up as it works well with my skin tone and eye colour. That being said I am partial to a yellow, especially the mustard yellow that was popular last autumn as it's a bright happy shade that can brighten up anything, an outfit, a room even someone's day.

Star Sign... I was born on the 8th of August so that makes me a Leo but I'm definitely the least Leo in characteristics that you can be but I do enjoy that the symbol is a lion because it makes me feel strong.

Hogwarts House...I'm a proud Hufflepuff, the proudest that can be. I like that we are loyal and patient and hardworking. It's just me to a tea. In case you are also wondering my patronus is a West Highland Terrier. Yes I do love Harry Potter...who doesn't?

I'm happiest when...I'm on a beach with the sand between my toes and the waves lapping on the land, I find it very calming and all together therapeutic. There can be a lot to be said for walking along a beach no matter what the weather is doing and just having some peace and quiet letting all stresses and worries float out to sea as the tide goes away.

My true loves...Theatre, playing with make up and my friends. Theatre has the magical power to change your emotional state a million times in a show and it is one of my favourite ways to spend money by going to London to watch all the theatre available to me. Make up is magical because it gives you a chance to be yourself but not yourself. For example, slap on a red lip on a down day and immediately you are more confident, having a flat day can be brightened with the swish of colour on your face...even when it goes wrong you can still laugh over that.
Friends also have the ability to brighten a bad day, but even better that make up they can also sense you're having a bad day before you've even properly had it. I'm very lucky to have my group of friends in my world and I'm truly grateful to them for all they've done.

One final thing about me is that I hate my photo being taken so to find pictures appropriate for this post was incredibly tricky. It's a good job I have to make thumbnail pictures for my YouTube Channels, let me tell you. Well that is it, a little re-introduction for you all. It's nice to meet you.



Wednesday, 2 January 2019

2019 New Years Goals

Every year we are programmed as humans to think how we are going to change ourselves to make ourselves better in the upcoming year. Some people make resolutions but I found a few years ago calling them resolutions were just pointless as I gave up on them after a few weeks or so. Instead I now write down a collection of goals that I aim to try in the year and this year is the same.

I always publish a video on my YouTube channel, The Clare Necessities, where I state my goals for the year and I will be doing the same soon but I thought as I am also using my blog a bit more I would write them down here.

1.Read at Least 6 Books... This is an annual goal of mine in order for me to take some time away from a computer screen. There is nothing better than getting stuck into a good book and now that I have Good Reads I can keep on top of all the books that I really want to read through 2019.

2. Get Back into Exercise... As goals go, this is an important one for me. Not from a health prospective, although feeling stronger and healthier is always good but more from a self care prospective. In early September, my life changed slightly due to a few changes and those changes meant that I was unable to go to the exercise classes that I had been attending previously. For me the exercise classes was a time to get a little exercise but also to be surrounded by new people, who I could chat to and for me this was good for my mind. In 2019, I would love to find a way of getting back to exercise

3. Use my Blog more...Simple goal this one, I would like to write more on this blog, for me more than for everyone else because I honestly don't know whether people like to read what I write but I find the whole process quite therapeutic and for that reason alone I think writing more for this blog would be good for me.

4. Spend More Time with Friends...Although the last couple of blog posts that I have written have made it seem like I'm a friendless individual, this is not actually the case. In fact, I have a good circle of friends around me. The problem lies in that they all live a good distance away from me, it's the curse of making friends online. I would love to see my friends as much as I can so that is why I've set this goal.

5. Experience a Lush Spa...I want to practice in self care/self love a lot more this year and concentrate on myself and treat myself a little more and something I've been interested in doing for a while is taking a trip to a spa as it is something I've not experienced in the past. I recently started looking into spas and it came to my attention that Lush spas exist. I've been looking into the different treatments and I think my first spa experience should be at a Lush Spa...Anyone want to take me?

6. Decide What Kind of Videos I want to Make...On my YouTube channel, The Clare Necessities, I've been having a little content crisis behind the scenes, I'm unsure what videos I wish to make and upload so I'm hoping with a little help from my friends and a little time to think I will find my niche that will make me happy.

7.Use My Planner More... Every year I buy myself some kind of diary/planner and then every year I don't use it to it's full potential. This year, although I'm still waiting for my planner to arrive, I would love to use this years planner to plan out my life...I'm very excited for it to arrive because this years planner has space for a daily list and boy do I love a list.

8. Rely Less on Micellar Water and Treat My Skin Better...There are two sides to me that often have a battle when it comes to skin and body care. The one side is the one that double cleanses, tones and moisturises as well as enveloping the rest of the body in a lovely body butter. The other side is just quickly micellar waters the face and then is done. The problem with the second side is that I'm currently living with skin that hates me a little so I want to kinder to it in 2019.

9. See 25 Shows...Every year I give myself a challenge of how many theatre shows I can see in the year. Last year my total was 22 so I think 25 is quite a good challenge this year.

All relatively attainable goals. Let's see how many we can achieve.



Tuesday, 1 January 2019

New Year, Same Me

2019...Welcome come in, grab a cuppa and get comfy.

It's officially the new year and I've decided to have a bit of a blog revamp and another, yes another attempt at writing on this blog. As 2018, went on I realised that I had put too much on top of my head and something had to give. As you might assume that thing, as it usually is, was the blog.

In 2018, I started too many things that I couldn't carry on with, from new instagram accounts to new blogs, all of which came and went within months of starting them and as the new year came upon us all I decided to have a look at my priorities and decide what was important to me as an online content creator. Don't worry I felt awkward typing that just like you are probably feeling reading it.

So here it is, the new year brings the same scatty me but with some alterations. My main focus will be as it should to work at my job as that pays the bills but this has always been the case. Anything I do online is purely for my own amusement and due to the fact I have no social life or friends that lie nearby. Saying all this though, I get very serious about things online from my various YouTube channels, twitter, instagram and such. It is this that I want to alter, hopefully for the better, this year.

YouTube for me will probably just chunder on as it has for as long as I remember. The Clare Necessities, the channel, may go through a few changes as I decide how it's all going to go on moving forward, The Vlog Necessities will go on with me showing bits and bobs that I get up to when I'm not working and The Theatre Necessities will continue on sharing my reviews of the theatre shows I see.

Instagram and twitter are going to be actually used by me this year but not just for promotion of YouTube videos and such but instead as a living memory box for myself. I'm never going to be able to understand any of the algorithms used by social media platforms and in fact I'm never really going to know what an algorithm really is as I'm the least technical person you will ever meet so who cares about gaining popularity, followers and the alike and instead just use social media to post things I'm thinking and pictures I'm taking. Speaking of instagram, I'm going to think about what I'm doing with all the various profiles I have on that platform and hopefully compact them into one or two instagram accounts that I can use the way I want.

Finally to the blog, welcome once again to The Clare Necessities blog. A place that I can ramble on for days one day and then not do any writing on it for a while. It's just the way I roll. But in all seriousness, I actually really like writing down blog posts like this, if you could imagine me sitting cross legged on my sofa with headphones on listening to the Heathers the Musical cast recording and tapping away like a crazy thing then you would be able to see the happy me...especially the cast recording listening part because theatre just makes me happy. Over the next few weeks and months, I will occasionally post a blog post but I'm not placing any pressure on myself by setting myself schedule. Instead it'll be that when I wish to write I will do. All topics are open for discussion but if there's an area you enjoy reading more than others then feel free to check the categories list in the drop down menu at the top of the page.

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