Sunday, 23 September 2018

An Open Letter to Kinky Boots, London

Dear Kinky Boots the Musical,

I've known you for over three years since the first time I heard the Broadway cast recording and decided I needed to purchase a ticket for the London production. My first visit to the show was for the first final cast show before cast change and the love was there straight away.

Since that visit I have returned to the London production twice, most recently a month ago. Each visit brings so much joy to myself and also to the rest of the audience. I have met and spoken to many people in the Adelphi Theatre, some first time watchers and many return visitors and it is safe to say that everyone leaves the theatre a slightly changed person.

 On my most recent trip to the show, my love for this show was cemented. I hadn't planned to visit until the day of. I had entered the front row lottery on the TodayTix website and had been unsuccessful, however I had already decided that I should return to one of the most wonderful shows in London's glittering West End so I purchased my ticket and took my seat in the auditorium. 

As always the music got me dancing in my chair straight away and the acting was as amazing as my past two visits but the thing that got me more than ever before was the message behind the show. If you have ever seen the show you will know that in the final song of the show called Raise You Up/Just Be, there is a 6 step programme to success and each time I hear those rules I smile. If you've never seen the show the steps are as follows....


Previous to my most recent visit to the show, I hadn't been in the best state mentally. I was looking down on myself a lot, believing that I wasn't good enough and that I didn't deserve anything good. So this time around when this final song came around and these steps were sung, something hit me like a tonne of bricks. I hadn't been following these rules at all and something in me snapped and the tears hit my eyes. 

To some people this will sound silly but watching Kinky Boots was the wake up call that I needed and I didn't realise how much I needed this musical in my life until I saw it this time around. I have definitely changed my mind about myself since the show and it has definitely changed my world. So in short, THANK YOU KINKY BOOTS!!

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Sunday, 9 September 2018

Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland

Back with another book. I've really had the reading bug recently, I think it's good for me though as it means more time away from my computer and other electrical items. But secretly I think the bug is back because I love a good story.

My most read was Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland, known by many as the fabulous Sprinkle of Glitter online.

Little back story on the author...Louise as I've just said has had a YouTube channel since the early 2010's and I've been a watcher for almost that length of time. I actually started blogging way back when because of her, so without Louise being there I wouldn't be here right now. When she announced she had written a fiction book, I knew that I would need to read the book and once the book was out I bought it straight away.

Wilde Like Me centres around it's main character, one Robin Wilde (a single mother and part time professional make up artist) and her daughter, Lyla. From the moment, I started reading the book the images I had in my head for those two characters were Louise herself (or at least a slightly altered Louise) and her daughter Darcy. I think due to the amount of time that I have been watching Louise this was going to happen but I found it amusing that this is where my head went.

The writing style of this book was very Louise, it is the same way she has been writing on her blog for many years and it was very easy to keep up with. I really enjoy the way the book was written and you could really identify with the characters and it was altogether a pleasure to read.

Have you read this book? What were your thoughts?
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