Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Tales of a Motorway Services

Although I've been back at work a few days now, I'm still clinging on to that holiday feeling for as much as I can. Whilst returning home from our holiday, we stopped at a motorway services and a few things were brought to my attention.

Firstly, why when you visit a service station food establishment is the only sandwiches available the ones you wouldn't dream in eating...tuna mayonnaise bleugh! When your other options are a cheese sandwich that has clearly seen better days and a rather messy slightly fondled ham salad's a good job we had a few snacks left in the car.

The other things I found were at the service station's coffee shop, a chain and a well known brand but they never feel the same. For example, by asking for a dairy alternative for your coffee makes the barista come out in cold flushes after looking straight at you for a good few minutes with a look of WHY?!? Why you ask, I prefer the taste and I like variety in my life.

The other thing I learnt is that my mother has no clue how coffee shops work. Bless her but the different sizes confuse her, she doesn't know where to stand and why they need your name when you order. I have grown up in a world that is full of coffee chains so everything is second nature to me but it was very bewildering watching her deal with the whole session.

It is safe to say that UK Motorway services are very funny places to be in, I often if other countries have similar places or are the wonders of services such as Tebay (seriously check them out...the king of all services) and Leigh Delamare (not going to lie...never been but it was on Gavin and Stacey once) are just a classic UK thing that we should cherish?

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