Sunday, 3 June 2018

Goodbye Half Term

As I have got older, I have begun to follow more parent bloggers/slash vloggers mostly because they're more relatable to me than the teenage childless "influencers" that are sometimes more popular on the internet.
Over the last few days, I have seen an increase in a certain type of post by the parent content creators and that is the Hooray half term is over and we get more freedom kind of posts. Although most of them are comedic and entertaining to read, watch and look at there is another side, a contrasting side if you will to all this hilarity and that is....some of us are losing our freedom.

If you don't know I am a teaching assistant, which means that I work in classrooms along side the teacher and with children ranging from 5 years old up to normally 10 years old. It is a very rewarding job and I wouldn't change it for anything BUT it is tiring. A comment you receive a lot from non education based people is that the job that I do and that teachers do is "easy" and that we get it made because we get so many little weeks off and obviously we get 6 (although normally more like 5 and a half) weeks off in summer time.

That time off is vital for us though as at times work in schools is brutal. The days are very structured and sometimes challenging so for me and I'm sure for many other fellow educators it has been very welcome to get away from everything and partially switch off our brains for the past week.

For me personally, I have been on holiday in Scotland and had a complete social shut down in that I kept off social media as much as I could and didn't have enough internet to check any of my various email addresses and instead lived in moments, had no alarms and felt free and light of any stress.

Tomorrow, it's back to work, ready to listen to everyone's news, all the blow by blow accounts of a multitude of holidays and I can't wait to go back. However the countdown to the summer holidays is on...

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