Sunday, 15 April 2018

Until You Spread Your Wings, You Have No Idea How Far You'll Fly

I know it's outrageous that I have blogged twice in the past two weeks, both this Sunday and last but I've recently got the bug back...the blogging bug.

Yes, I'm very aware how cheesy that line was but in a word I have got back into blogging recently. The main reason and the reason for this "catch up" blog post is that I have got myself a new blogging baby.

At the beginning of this month, I began my own travel blog called The Girl in the Yellow Coat (which you can read here) , which I will constantly be updating with pictures of my day trips, weekends away and holidays too. I realised that I take so many pictures when I go out that never see the light of day so what's better than having a special place. a special home if you will for all these pictures of the gorgeous places that I visit. I'd love for you all to take a visit over there and maybe even follow the blog.

Apart from that, I have continued with my domination of YouTube, one video at a time. I love filming, vlogging, editing...the whole she-bang. Something that I have more than everything else is organising, scheduling and planning of video. Seriously, I love to plan so much so that I am planned up with what video goes where until the middle of May...oooft I LOVE ORGANISING.

It is safe to say that I am in a good place right now, both physically(touchwood) and mentally. I'm hoping that everything continues to strive on onwards for a good while.

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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Vegan NOT Cruelty Free

Since I made the decision to be Cruelty Free at the beginning of this year I have become more interested in what ingredients are in my products. I've spent more time looking at the labels and something I have come across that seems to be turning into a bit of a trend.

Recently there has become a new trend to call a beauty product Vegan due to the ingredients. Although there is no problem with this as the ingredients used in the products are not from animal products or animal by-products, which is a really good thing, there is a problem of sorts with this.

That problem is that some of the products that are now vegan are not made by companies that are cruelty free. So although they are not made by using animal products they are in fact still tested on the animals that would have used for the production of the animal product. It's kind of a double standard if you think about it.

This fact has confused me slightly and annoyed me more than anything because if have cut out anything that comes from an animal, surely you won't be willing to put something on your face, hair or body that has been tested on an animal?

 This is why I use brands like Lush and The Body Shop so much. They are both cruelty free brands and also specify whether the products are vegetarian or vegan. It takes all the stress out of checking PLUS you know those products have not gone anywhere near a cute little bunny rabbit.

It just to me seems to be like certain big brands are trying to jump onto a trend bandwagon, which will boost their sales and make them look good, even whilst testing their products on the animals they're saving. But that's just me, what are your thoughts?

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