Monday, 5 February 2018

Meat Free Monday #2

Finally we've got round to our second meat free Monday. I realised something about me recently. It's much more difficult to be meat free when I'm not working. I don't know whether it's because when I'm at home everyone's at home so meals are just prepared as if by magic (yes I know I'm very lucky).

However I went to work again this week and so I thought I'd do another meat free Monday post.


Like I said in my past post, I'm terrible for not having any breakfast when I am working. So yet again I had nothing for breakfast until I had my Belvita biscuit for my 10.30 break snack.


This time round I thought I'd go for a vegetarian packed lunch. I'd recently bought some Quorn Chicken slices (my first try at meatless meat slices) and I decided to use a few of these to make two chicken and cucumber slices. The result was that it tasted similar to a processed chicken slice if a little more peppery tasting.
To go with my sandwiches, I had a couple Linda McCartney Pork and Apple Vegetarian Sausage rolls (which are yummy) , a yoghurt and a cheeky packet of hula hoops.


As Monday is my two hour exercise class extravaganza, I went for something that would sustain me throughout. I decided to go for baked beans on toast, complete with some dairy free cheese...very simple but rather yummy.

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