Sunday, 14 January 2018

So you're Cruelty Free...Now What?

uIf you do not know, I have recently made he decision to go cruelty free in regards to my beauty products. This isn't some spur of the moment thing, it is more something I have been thinking about doing, alongside eating less meat too.

At the end of the day, animals like us only have one life and they don't deserve to have products tested on them just so that we can have snazzy new make up products. With this is in mind, I announced on my YouTube channel at the start of this month that I was going to strive to be cruelty free and then suddenly I was hit with a sense of now what?

This first feeling first hit me during my first trip into a Boots since my decision. Before, I would have spent hours looking at all the "new in" stickers and walking out with a bag full of new products. But this time instead of the feeling of joy that I used to have, I was struck with a sense of confusion...not really knowing who was a cruelty free brand and who wasn't.

I sent a quick message to some friends who have been cruelty free for a while to ask for suggestions of which brands were cruelty free in the store ready for next time, picked up the mouthwash I went in for, paid and big bag of new goodies in hand nothing.

Since then I have researching and researching again, constantly googling brand names and then adding cruelty free at the end and the results have been interesting. Some brands I knew even before researching that they were going to be no go areas, the likes of MAC who come under the parent company of Estee Lauder who sell in China and are therefore not cruelty free. Same with L'Oreal, Origins and many more brands too.

If actually saw me researching certain well loved brands, I actually celebrated when I saw that they were cruelty free. I literally wanted to high five those brands for doing the good thing. So going back to the title, I'm going cruelty what now?

Well I've created a list, which you can find here and also on the top banner. The aim of this to share with you all the brands that are doing the good thing but also to help me remember where I should spend my money. If I have missed any out, or if I discover any more then I will continue to update the list. But in the grand scheme of things for the blog and any beauty reviews that I do, there will be no difference but I thought I'd just have a chat about the new cruelty free me.

I look forward to my new journey.

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