Monday, 15 January 2018

Meat Free Monday #1

At the age of 27 and at the start of 2018, I made the conscious decision to go cruelty free in regards to my beauty products...all my skincare, haircare and make up are now getting purchased from brands who do not test on animals. My reasoning behind this is that just like us, animals only get one life and they don't deserve to have it spent having humans pouring and spreading things over them just so we can get new shiny's not worth it.

As well as going cruelty free, I also made the decision to aim to cut down my consumption of meat and meat products. So I thought I'd start a series on my blog, where I go through my meat free day and talk about the meals I ate.


I actually didn't have breakfast that day. If I am at work, it takes all my effort to get up, out of bed, get clothes on and to do my very quick make up so breakfast gets ignored. Instead I down a cuppa and eat a snack (breakfast bar/fruit/something similar) instead.


Ahh my best meal of the day. For my first meat free lunch of the year, I thought I'd go for a rice dish. One because I can make it the day before quite easily and two it's quite filling which is perfect when you know you've got exercise classes to deal with in the evening. This dish was Linda McCartney Vegetarian Hoisin Duck, rice, sweetcorn, spinach, cucumber, green beans and broccoli. Once all was cooked I added a drizzle of soy sauce and a generous serving of sweet chilli sauce all mixed in. It was delicious and this mix made two lunches, which was brilliant.


I've given this meal because I wasn't sure what people call this meal. I'm a tea person but I know people don't accept that as a meal name. Any way, my final meal of the day was toast. Plain simple buttered toast. That week, I did my meat free day on a Monday and on Monday I do two hours of exercise back to back in the evening. For this reason I don't want to eat a "proper" meal beforehand because otherwise it would return back to the surface during the class. So instead, I eat toast or something light and then when I come back and after I've washed my hair, I will have a piece of fruit or a biscuit (or five) or something else just to top up my fullness before bed.

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