Sunday, 12 November 2017

What Sundays are For

When the working week is done and the weekend is here, everyone begins to plan what they are going to do an how they will entertain themselves on a Saturday evening and how they will recover on a Sunday.

Well I for one do not normally go out out so to speak and as I don't really drink I never get stuck with the dreaded hangover. However last night was different.

Last night I went to see John Bishop (the comedian) in Birmingham and although it was a great night out we didn't get home until midnight and therefore today I am beyond tired. But that is what Sundays are for right?

Sundays are for waking up late (or at least later than you will do the next day), eating a gloriously unhealthy breakfast and mooching around the house in lounge wear. It is also the day for me at least to get stuff done around the house. Today I have cleaned all of my make up brushes (a job I'd been putting off for the past two weeks) and sorted out the bathroom of all my tats and tits.

On top of all that I have had time to watch a couple of awful romcoms all curled up in bed with a blanket. I think that is a perfect Sunday, don't you?

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