Sunday, 26 March 2017

Being on YouTube...I've got opinions

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So I've just watched a programme on the BBC. It's called Inside Out and it is a regional programme that is on once a week ( I think) and during the version I watched which was the West Midlands episode there was a feature that got me thinking. The feature in question was a short bit on YouTube and vloggers, which sparked a few thoughts and feelings which I'd like to share now.

It all started with the normal explanation of what a vlogger is and it was finished of by saying anyone can do it all you need is a computer, the internet and something to say. Whilst this is true, part of me was slightly annoyed with how it was all we are all doing something super easy whilst for some people including myself it took a lot of self belief and self confidence to start the camera off and talk in my first video.

Now in the feature, they spoke to three separate "vloggers" who had each had had various levels of success. The first person that they spoke to was a lovely lady called Sinead, a "small" youtuber who has only just begun with YouTube about 3 months ago. She says in her clip to camera that she wants to showcase Birmingham and all the good and fun things that you can do with a toddler in the city. Then the interviewer asks Sinead how many subscribers she has, to which Sinead replies 4. 

"That's rubbish" replies the interviewer. I'm sorry but WHAT?! Poor Sinead has only been going a few months and has only uploaded a few videos. Nobody, not even Zoella gained millions of subscribers in their first few videos. I often feel like people who have limited/no YouTube experience think that it is easier than it is gain an audience and become a star.

Next Sinead was introduced to two other vloggers. Firstly, Amelia from xAmeliax, who they briefly spoke to about how she began her Youtube channel and how she has YouTube as her full time job. I actually enjoyed the very brief chat about how she likes to show everything about her life in her vlogs, whether it's the good stuff or the bad times.

Finally, we meet Habiba Da Silva who has over 300.000 subscribers for some final advice for Sinead, which included not using an iPhone to record her vlogs on and upgrading to a camera. Although I myself use a camera, there is nothing wrong with using a phone to record vlogs, it's actually easy and you can edit them as you go along, which is very helpful.

All in all, I could understand what they were trying to do with the feature but as a owner of a YouTube channel, I just think that they could have gone a different way with it and done a little more research/gained more knowledge surrounding YouTube first.

Being on YouTube myself, I just wish people who don't create videos would have more understanding over everything we do...but more on that another day.

Thank you for reading my rants. 


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