Sunday, 5 March 2017

An Unexpected Boots Haul

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You know those times when you wander into a shop, not really knowing what you went in for and then come out with a bag full of things?

Well I did that this week. On Friday I popped into Boots on the way home from work because it is on the same retail park as a Starbucks which I wanted to visit for a Friday treat. I had nothing I needed to buy but I ended up with a haul. Shall we have a look at it?

So let's start with the elephant in the room, Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. If you have ever watched my YouTube channel then you might be befuddled by this. I have always been very anti this foundation because I've always had the feeling it is too yellow toned for my pink toned skin and I still stand by this HOWEVER, they have recently added a new paler shade (51 Light Vanilla), which after swatching in store I think that it might actually be ok, so I purchased it to try it out.
I then picked up the corresponding concealer whilst I was there because I wanted to try that out too plus Bourjois had a buy one get one half price offer on which made the purchase more tempting.

Speaking of offers, Boots are currently running their No7 vouchers which gives you money of their skincare and make up, I decided to pick up a pack of the make up remover wipes because with the voucher they only cost me £2 and I have heard good things about them too. I'm not really a wipe kind of girl nowadays but it'll get me out of a hole, if I'm too lazy or too tired to remove everything properly.

Finally, I made a slightly random purchase of some hair ties. I have always bought the hair elastics because they are easy to get your hands on and they're cheap. I have heard that these style of ties are better for the hair because it tugs less on the hair and it doesn't rip your hair out so I thought I'd pick a few up to try them for myself.

What do you think of my haul? What have you bought recently?


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