Wednesday, 15 February 2017

To me, Love from me

Hey there,

Hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day yesterday. For me, it was just a standard Tuesday because I'm a single pringle that no one loves. That's right it's a one man pitty party right here.

As I knew I would be alone again this Valentines Day, I took it upon myself to treat myself to a little something something. I ordered it from Selfridges way back in January and I have resisted a peek until now....

I bought myself a new bag! Meet the Michael Kors Sloan Large Quilted Bag in the shade Cherry. Isn't she a beaut?
I first spotted this bag on Selfridges just after Christmas, whilst browsing the sale section (as you do) when I stumbled into the full priced bags. Amongst the bags that I wish I could buy but will never afford, like the Givenchy Antigona and the Mulberry Bayswater, popped up this gem. I had never seen anything like it from Michael Kors before (and I've seen a lot from that brand) but it caught my eye immediately.

The thing that drew me in was the quilted effect it has, it reminds me of the likes of Chanel and other SUPER expensive bags and on top of that the red colour really drew me in as well. I'm having such a red bag moment right now, I think it is a good colour to have all year round, in the cold dark months it can brighten up a dark outfit and then in Summer when I wear lighter clothes/white clothes and bold lips then I can pair the red bag with a red lip.

I'm so excited for my new bag, I haven't bought a bag in a while and it is one of the few things in my life that I get happy for. I think I'm going to start saving now for my big bag purchase but it was nice to treat myself to something special for Valentines Day because no one else was going to do it.


P.S I'm giving away a little red handbag filled with goodies on my vlog channel if you are interested in entering please use the rafflecopter giveaway below. It is open internationally and will be open until Friday 3rd March. Good luck everyone.

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  1. that's a gorgeous handbag 😍😍😍 also my valentine's day was so-so since I didn't celebrate it 😂😂 thank you for your generosity 💛

  2. That handbag is amazing!!! You really deserve a treat :))


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