Wednesday, 8 February 2017

On my Travels: A Weekend in the South West

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Last weekend, I went away for a nice relaxing weekend in the South West of England with my brother. He lives down there in Bristol so the weekend started by me taking the train down there before carrying on further into the west.

So the proper break started on Saturday when we went to Totnes, Salcombe and Plymouth. Totnes is known for the castle which sits at the top of the hill in the town. It was nice to go back there because it is somewhere I haven't been for many many years and as I was made an English Heritage member for Christmas our entry to the castle was free!!
After Totnes, we went to Salcombe and Plymouth to get our seaside fix. Plymouth is one of my favourite places to go EVER. I've loved it for a while, I even debated going to University there. I think I'm going to have to go there in the summer for a little get away.

Sunday saw us jumping over the border into Cornwall. Oh how I adore Cornwall as a county, gorgeous beaches, beautiful views PLUS there's Cornish Pasties. Our only Cornish stop was in the town of Looe, a place that has many memories for me thanks to past trips. So it was nice to return and pretty much eat my way around the place...seriously I had a Cornish Pasty and two cakes whilst walking round.
From then, we had a brief break from driving back to Bristol on Dartmoor, which although it was very chilly was as beautiful as ever...even if I got my feet drenched after stepping in a bog.

After that, we had to head back to Bristol in order for me to get a train home, which I nearly missed. I had a wonderful time and if you would like to watch the weekend in video form, I'm currently daily vlogging so I'll leave the two days vlogs HERE and HERE.



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