Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Feeling Blog Inferiority

Hello there,

We've reached a whole month back blogging. Let's have a celebratory cup of tea and a slice of cake. It's actually been really nice returning to the blog and I'm glad that I made the decision to come back.

HOWEVER the decision wasn't an easy one to make. This was all down to the feelings that I had had about my blog last time round. I often felt like my blog and I were not good enough.

This blog has been around now since 2012 and A LOT has changing in the blogging world since then. The key change is that there are now people actually earning a proper living from their blogs, thanks to sponsored posts, partnerships with brands and all that good stuff, which is amazing but it has created a whole new competitiveness for people now trying to emulate this for themselves.

All of this means that the standard of everything has gone up. Writing has improved, blog designs have become so smart they look like professional websites and the photography has got so much better it's actually better than something in a magazine. This is what caused me to start feeling inferior to others,

I write how I talk really so I'm not really ever going to change that but my photography skills...well they're not the best. Give me a landscape to take a picture with and I'm happy but give me anything else and my skills are severely tested. 
I look at fellow bloggers pictures and I let out a little sigh because they are so beautiful, what I really need is either someone to come and teach me or to find a class somewhere where I can learn how to photograph make up without it looking crap. 

But enough for now, I have promised myself to not worry and just enjoy blogging for the hobby that it is. Have you ever felt like you or your blog isn't good enough?


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