Sunday, 5 February 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Haul

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As part of the 17 goals for 2017 post I said that one of my goals was to implement an one out one in system with my make up...well that's been going terrible so far. At the moment it's definitely a none out many in approach.

One thing that I recently did was place a Charlotte Tilbury order thanks to her releasing two new lipsticks for Valentines Day this year. OF COURSE I had to buy them to add them to my collection BUT I also got two more things to join in the party.

So my order consisted of the Valentines day lipsticks for this year, which are called Valentine and Pillow talk as well as the lipstick Super Cindy and the lipliner Hollywood Honey.

In case you are interested, the shades go from left to right. Pillow Talk is the one on the far left, which is very similar to the famous lipliner of the same name. It's a deep pink tone that would suit pretty much everyone I think.

Valentine is the middle shade and it is a light slightly peachy pink shade. It's a good one to have because it's a light pink BUT it's not too baby pink or too dark a pink, it is literally so beautiful and a welcome addition to the collection.

Super Cindy is one of the Hot Lips collection and it wasn't a shade I was interested in in the beginning. Again like the other two, it is a pinkish shade which leans more red in shade, without being an actual red. Did that even make sense? I'm not sure it did. Let's just say it's a very pretty shade to add to my collection.

Now onto the lipliner, I'm not going to lie, I wasn't planning to buy this liner. I hadn't googled anything about it, I just ordered it after reading the colour description. It was described on the website as "an intense caramel hue with red undertones". I didn't know what that meant so I decided to buy it and find out. It turns out it's like a browny red shade that I'm not sure what I could pair it with, maybe a lighter brown shade to deepen it up? Answers on a postcard with that one.

And that is it, quite a nice little haul, me thinks. What do you think? Have you bought the Valentines Lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury this year or are you tempted to now?



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