Wednesday, 4 January 2017

On My Travels....Evesham and Tewkesbury

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Is it me or does it already feel such a long time since New Years Day? The school holidays seems a world away and I'm already counting down the time till half term (6 weeks more after this one). For today's post I thought I'd share what I got up to during Bank Holiday Monday (2nd January).

The day started because we were taking my brother back to Bristol where he lives and works after he'd visited us for New Years. He made the decision to bring the dog with us so we could have a few stops along the way for a little winter stroll.

Our first stop was Evesham, a cute town full of buildings complete with lots of character. The photo I took here was of the church and bell tower. We didn't go in because we had the dog with us but it was a gorgeous site to see the buildings being basked in sunshine.

Second stop was Tewkesbury. As you might notice from the bottom picture, by the time we got there the light was fading ever so slightly so it was only a quick visit. We walked around the streets all wrapped up in our hat, gloves, scarfs and thick coats before taking a trip to the riverside to catch the sun setting over the fields, which was such a sight and perfect for instagramming.

From there, we drove to my brothers for food and a warming cup of tea before getting home ready for work (boo! hiss!!)

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