Wednesday, 11 January 2017

On my travels... London January 2017

Hello all,

Last weekend, I took another trip. This time I took the train to London down to London for a weekend of fun and frolics with Lisa.

Lisa is a special little bean of fun that I first met thanks to blogging many moons (nearly 3 or 4 years ago) and we actually hadn't seen each other for at least two years so it was great to catch up. 

So the weekend started, as it normally does, with a Saturday. After an early start and a two hour train journey, I arrived in the big smoke. I wandered straight over to Kings Cross to meet Lisa and to dump our luggage at the hotel, which was nearby too. From then, we travelled in to central London for a wander round the shops and MUCH food. We ate burgers, chips, cakes, cookies all washed down with oodles of tea and a Peach Bellini each. 

After a brief relax back at the hotel, we went out again to the Kings Cross Theatre to watch In The Heights, a musical. This was the main reason for the catch up and I totally forced Lisa to come along. The musical was finishing its run the following night so the atmosphere was electric and I'm so glad that I caught it before it closed. 

Sunday saw Lisa go home around about 11.30am, leaving me alone in London for the rest of the day. My first stop was Harrods because I had not been there in yonks and I wanted to feel posh. It's safe to say I got a bit lost in the shop but I did make a splurge (oops). 

I then took the tube back to Oxford street for a bit (A LOT) of make up shopping. Lunch today came in the form of a Five Guys Little Cheese Bacon Burger and a lot of Cherry Cola to refuel myself after the shopping spree.

Before it went dark, I made one last stop...the queen's gaffe. That's right, I went for a walk through Green Park to Buckingham Palace before I wandered towards a tube station to get me back to Euston for my train.

Thanks to Lisa for such a lovely weekend, if you follow me on Instagram then you will know I had a love sesh talking about Lisa. She's a good egg and I'm glad to have her in my life. In fact we are going to do this all again hopefully soon.

If you want to watch my adventures then I shall leave the link to the vlog HERE for you to all to watch and enjoy.


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