Sunday, 29 January 2017

GBU of January 2017

Hello there,

I can't believe we are in the final few days of January already, the past month has just flown by. I have worked through most of it, whether that be in my actual job or doing online bits and bobs (two channels and a blog is a lot of work folks).

For today's post I decided to do another GBU or Good, Bad and Ugly post, where we talk all about my month and what happened in it.


I met up with Lisa for the first time in over two years. As I said at the time, we spent the weekend together in London and it was literally like no time had passed since we last caught up. It's always nice to have those friends in your life that just get you.

I also booked my next big holiday...After the excitement of New Zealand last year, my brother decided he would like to invite me to go on holiday with him again in 2017 and this time we are off to Norway. More details to follow but it was a very exciting moment for January.

There was also so much good (but not healthy) food and got one new piece of art for my wall, I love my new fox friend...he makes everything so much better.


Depending on how you see it, the fact that I have bought quite a lot of make up this past month is good but also bad. It's good because I love new make up, it's one of the big joys in my life to get new things to play with HOWEVER it is also bad because one of my goals for this year is to have a one in one out system and so far it's been one hundred in none out system...oops.

Once again, I've been quite lucky in my life this month, not had much to put in the ugly section. In fact only one thing comes to mind and that is that this month I was called a "fat bitch" . I was just walking back from an exercise class minding my own business when I walked past a group of guys, who after I'd walked past said something along the lines of look at that fat bitch thinking she is going to lose weight by wearing Nike trainers...well to you idiots I say this, I don't wish to lose weight I'm purely keeping myself healthy and happy, I do three seperate classes a week and I probably do more exercise than you do so....F**k Off please and thank you.

Oh and I know they will never see this but its annoyed me a little since it happened because it is something that shouldn't be happening in 2017, luckily I'm happy with myself and my body but imagine what that could have done to someone with severe body image issues.

But there we go...that was my Good, Bad and Ugly of January. What was yours?


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