Sunday, 31 December 2017

17 for 2017...The Recap

Back in January, I took part in a group "challenge" amongst a few fellow YouTubers and bloggers to set 17 attainable goals for 2017. As we are currently hurtling towards the end of the year I thought I'd recap the goals and see which ones I succeeded at.

1. Maintain a daily skincare routine. I believe that I half succeeded with this one. I'm completely happy with my evening skincare routine, to a point that if I don't complete it fully my skin properly feels it. The one thing I'm still struggling with is a morning routine especially on work days when I literally don't have the time to do a proper routine.

2. Spend as much time with as many friends as I can. Of course I would always like to spend time with friends but I have tried my hardest to keep up with my friends when both me and them have clear schedules which is easier said than done.

3. Watch 5 musicals live. TICK! I have actually seen waaay more than five. It is mostly down to the fact that I now have my theatre channel called The Theatre Necessities. My show total for the year actually hit 21, a number I actually want to surpass next year.

4. Work on a one out one in system for my make up. I'm not sure with this one. I have definitely bought less make up this year, mostly down to the fact I've bought more theatre tickets this year than ever before and they can get pricey but to say I stuck to the one out one in system I couldn't say.

5. Film a collab video. TICK! This year was the year I successful in filming a few collabs with Elle (Blonde Elle), which were so fun to do and I definitely want to do more next year.

6. Visit Bicester Village with Zoe. Unfortunately we have not returned to Bicester this year. I'm sure my bank balance is eternally grateful though.

7. Reach 1,500 Subscribers on my main YouTube Channel. Again this is sadly another no. My channel, The Clare Necessities is hovering around the 1.3K, so we are slowly heading in the right direction.

8. Visit a Spa. Another no, it is definitely on the list for 2018 though because I know where I want to visit I just need to plan out when and whether anyone wants to join me.

9. Complete the sit up track without stopping. Hahahahahahahahaha...Nope. I've got better but I do still need to take a moment during the sit up tracks in my Cardio Combat class where I just lie on my mat and have a breather but I am trying to get better.

10. Blog once a week. This one started well, then I had most of the year out, now I'm back again on a "new" blog. I am really enjoying blogging recently so maybe another one to move over into the new year?

11.Go on one date.
 Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha NOPE!

12. Reach 400 Subscribers on Square Peg Round Hole. Again like with goal 7 I didn't reach this one. My vlog channel, which is now called The Vlog Necessities is currently at around 340 subscribers so again it's going in the right way.

13. Read 10 books. I haven't kept up to date with how many books I've read over the entire year but I think I've actually succeeded with this one.

14. Use my planner. TICK! I have been a very good planner this year. I'm currently working on a two step planning system, which seems to be working well. Yay!

15. Try a new exercise class. Yes but no on this one. In the space of this year, my Thursday Zumba class has had two different teachers who had very different styles, so technically they are different classes. However, now I don't have a Thursday class so it might be time to try something new when they announce the new class in the new year OR I might start going to the gym instead (any suggestions of gym work outs would be gratefully accepted.

16. Join in with more twitter chats. TICK! In fact with this one I can also say that I am the leader of the #vloggerschat chat every Sunday between 7pm and 8pm GMT. It's been a bit quiet the last few weeks due to the festive period but 2018 is going to be the year that we excel.

17. Have a clear out of my Subscription feeds. TICK! It is an ongoing process but I am finally getting rid of old subscriptions for people who are no longer making videos or of people who still make videos but I don't watch them any more. It just makes everything work much easier when my subscription feed is clearer.

So all in all a complete mixed bag of sucesses and non successes (we are not calling them fails...being positive and all that). 

Did you set any goals this year? How many did you succeed at?

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Friday, 29 December 2017

Best of 2017

We are nearly at the end of 2017, it has definitely been a mixed year with both great things happening but also some not so nice things too.

As I try to be positive I'm not going to focus on the negatives and instead talk about some of the best things that happened this year.

One of the best things that happened this year was that I met Elle in "real life" after chatting to her for just under half a year of speaking through texts and messages. We met through a YouTube collaboration that was organised by a fellow YouTuber and we started chatting after, which turned into a great friendship. In 2017, like I said we met up for the first time ever in Wales where she lives and from then our friendship has gone from strength to strength. I've gained a great friend and I'm so happy to have met her and I'm proud to call her a friend. More time spent with Elle in 2018 is needed I think.

2017 also saw me go on a big trip. Last year I spent 4 weeks travelling around New Zealand and the Cook Island. This year my big trip was a two week trip to Norway. We spent two weeks on a boat traveling the coast of Norway from Bergen to Kirknes and back to Bergen again. It was an amazing trip full of amazing views, gorgeous Huskies and new favourite places. I would definitely like to return in a few years time to see more of this gorgeous country.

London also seemed to hold a great pull over me this year. In January, I spent a weekend with an old blogging friend, Lisa. We spent our afternoon enjoying afternoon tea in Selfridges and then the evening watching a musical, which ended up being one of my favourites of the year.
Since then I have made multiple other trips to London to see A LOT of shows in the West End. Thanks to the creation of my own theatre vlogging channel, The Theatre Necessities, I have made so many trips to see a good variety of things all of which I reviewed for my channel.

Finally, like always, I have gone away for various weekends and holidays in the UK with my family. I always love exploring new places in this country of ours, which has such varying countrysides and gorgeous beach side villages. All explored in my comfy trainers, bright coloured rain coats and my dog at my side, it's something I never tire off and I know it something I will continue with in the new year.

What were your best bits of 2017?
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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Things I've thought whilst exercising

For about five years now, I have been attending exercise classes at my local leisure centre and after a while I have found that once you are happy in a class and you know what you're doing and when, you can let you mind wonder a little.

I thought today I would share a few things that have popped into my head whilst exercising. You will so realise that my mind can get a bit.

  • Is the plural of Minnie Mouse either Minnie Mice or Minnie Mouses...This came during my Aqua Jogging class because right in my eye line was a bag with a Minnie Mouse pattern. I'm still unsure which is the right one.
  • I really fancy Toad in the Hole... Yep during one of the most healthy moments of my day I was thinking about what can only be described as one of the most unhealthy meals...but just think, the yummy yorkshire pudding base with a couple of succulent sausages all smothered with some thick gorgeous gravy.
  • How long is left? Ahh the old classic. When you are tired and have been busy all day at work and you are just counting down the minutes until you can crawl into bed and sleep for a thousand years.
  • Can I get away with dancing like a Penguin? This one is from Zumba. There are elements in the one class that I don't do because it makes me feel ill so whilst the others are twirling and spinning I try and dance in various different ways. Oh and the answer is yes I can.
  • Can he see my boobs? This one comes from my Cardio Combat class where the person behind me is male. Every week whilst in plank it suddenly dawns on me that my comfy baggy exercise top is draping itself on the floor leaving everything on show. I've began to tuck my top into my leggings to stop the embarrassment.
I'm wondering whether I'm alone in this or whether anyone else's brains think as random thoughts as mine.

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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Dear Absent Friends...

Whilst filming my new video (NOW LIVE check it out) I started thinking about friends and friendship and it dawned on me that I had written a post all about friends and friendship so I thought I'd bring it over to this blog. Enjoy.


At this time of year, with Christmas sneaking up on us it is time to reflect on things. Whether it is how much money you've spent on things you didn't need or how many Five Guys burger are too many to eat in one year, it's all reflection.

Well for me, reflection came in the way of friends and friendships and more importantly the absent friends and friendship that have disappeared or floated away like ghosts.

As some of you might be aware, I have had a blog since 2012. In the early days of blogging for me, I had the pleasure to attend and arrange a handful of meet ups.  These meet ups were great for me as a beginner blogger because it gave me chance to get out of my shell, meet like minded people and find new friends. These new friends were amazing to have, to be able to chat to people who were going through the same things as me writing our blogs from our bedroom, whilst spending all our hard earned cash on make up and beauty products to blog about in future days, months and years. Blogging had brought me a happiness that I hadn't had for a while before and I never felt alone thanks to this great group of friends that I had.

Sadly through time, things change and people grow older. Through this time, that group of friends that I had gained slowly disintegrated as people stopped blogging and went back to their "real lives". I don't blame anyone for this after all it is their lives however, it left me feeling very alone once more. Seeing new people starting to vlog, creating new close friendship groups made that feeling even worse because I had lost the people I was closest to.

YouTube has helped me gain confidence once more and I met a great group of ladies, who I collaborate with on videos and also chat with on a daily basis. Along with them, I also have the amazing people who comment on my videos and vlogs. My vlog family as I like to call them are so awesome, replying to any questions I ask and writing little messages when I'm feeling down for which I am truly grateful. So thank you if that is you.

So in this time of year, with Christmas round the corner remember to give all your friends a big hug and tell them you love them, even maybe buy them a cheeky present or four, just let them know you are truly grateful that they are in your life, I will definitely be doing this.

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