Wednesday, 28 December 2016

We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Hey Lovelies,

Vlogmas was a killer this year. What with working full time, maintaining my weekly content on my main channel PLUS actually having a social life for once made the daily upload tricky sometimes. BUT I'm not moaning because I love daily vlogging because it gives me a chance to share a bit of day to day life with everyone.

Why am I talking about vlogmas, may you ask? Well it's all down to how time consuming it is, if you are not filming you are editing, if you are not editing you are uploading and making thumbnails. So writing a blog on the side of that would have been too much.

I took a step back from here, for my own sanity but I'm ready to come back now, especially as I've still got a little bit longer off before going back to work. This post however is to say I hope you had a lovely Christmas with friends and family if you celebrate it and if you didn't I hope you had a lovely day too.

So expect (hopefully) more content from me in 2017 and maybe a little bit more before this year is out too (maybe).



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  1. Merry Christmas & I hope you had great time with your family :)


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