Saturday, 31 December 2016

The GBU of 2016

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So that's it. The year is done, 2016 is done after today. So I've taken time to reflect and here is the GBU ( Good, Bad and Ugly) of 2016.


Looking back over the year, there's been quite a lot of good really. There's been a lot of travel, both around the UK and further afield. In the UK, I've visited to name a few... Plymouth, Bath, Pembrokeshire, Norfolk, Manchester and London. I love to visit different places in the UK and if I get to meet up with friends then that makes it 110% better.

Speaking of friends, I had to shout out the YouTube squad of mine, we are seriously #squadgoals. As you can see in the picture above there is six of us, from bottom left clockwise there is Leah (xo), Gracie, Me, Rachel, Leah (XL) and Victoria. I haven't laughed as much in one day than I did the day I met up with them this month.

Speaking of YouTube, I hit the AMAZING milestone of 1000 Subscribers on my main channel. It was something I thought I'd never have reached in a million years because after all, my videos are simply me rambling about make up in my bedroom but now there are over a thousand people subscribed to the channel, so someone must enjoy it.

Finally in the good section, I couldn't talk about the amazing things that have happened to me this year without mentioning a certain place, New Zealand. It was an amazing experience to go to the opposite side of the world for a month of adventures. I'm currently mid editing all of the vlogs and it's so nice to look back at everything and that there is a forever record of what I did on my Vlog Channel for me to go and watch and reminisce over.


From memory, my year has been pretty good. Nothing disastrous happened to me this year. Apart from having a few "funk" days/weeks. All has been good in the hood.


Ahh the only had to be this. In March, whilst I was away with my family, I dropped my beloved Canon G7x. I was looking at the pictures from that day and the camera slipped out of my hand, onto the concrete floor leaving the lens permanently open and the screen permanently off. Luckily I got it fixed and it wasn't too expensive but it hurt to see my baby broken and out of action...and yes I do feel like this camera is my child, I'm that weird.

Well there you go, my very quick (but wordy) review of my year. How was yours? Tell me something good that happened in your 2016.


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