Sunday, 20 November 2016

Return of the Blog

Hi lovelies. Is anyone surprised to see me?  I know I am.

Apart from two giveaway post, I have been away from blogging for quite a while. It all came down to myself stressing about not being good enough, putting pressure on myself for no apparent reason. I was never happy with my photography skills as I was competing against some amazing beauty blogger with such amazing skills.

However, whilst I was away from the UK (if you don't know I have been in the wonderful world of New Zealand for the last month) I got the itch to blog once more. I started to get ideas of posts I could write and so I've decided to return, with a slightly different angle.

I'm going to treat the whole experience differently this time but more on that another time. Today I'm just here to say I'm back and that. You might have also noticed that the blog is getting a little layout revamp and I'm going to change a few little things but the long and short is that I'm coming back.

 I hope to catch up soon.

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  1. Don't think you're not good enough! As a lover of your blog for years I can say you are! Glad to see you back :) x


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