Sunday, 5 June 2016

New Pretty Set Up

I know about a month ago I put up a post on this blog all about my set up and I was saying that I was completely happy/ecstatic about it. However, there was one thing that was bugging me and that was that I had kilner jars on the one side of my flowers and then something completely different on the other side and that just annoyed my love of balance.

So I rectified the situation....

Meet my finished and complete set up. In all honesty, all that has changed is that I have introduced another two pink Kilner jars to the mix (the ones on the right hand side) but I have to say I'm so much happier now that we have balance.

So as an overview from left to right, up first we've got a small 0.5l jar which is where I have got all my lip liners, lip pencils and stubby lip balms. My theory behind this is that with all the lipsticks around it I thought it might encourage me to use them more and so far so good.

Next up, there's a 1l jar which is filled full of M&Ms. I did this mostly for decoration but at the same time, if I get a mini chocolate craving I can sneak a few out of the jar for a munch. There are various types in there (crispy ones, mint ones and chocolate ones) and I'm so happy with how it looks.

In the middle we've got a collection of candles that have no other home, along with my artificial peonies in their Ikea flower pot. I got a lot of questions about these flowers in the last post and truthfully they were relatively cheap from amazon, I simply just typed in fake peonies and they were one of the first few choices. I love them so much and I'm glad others are enjoying them too.

Then over to the last two jars, again like their left counterparts they are another set of 0.5l and 1l jars but this time they have different things in. In the 1l one this time, we have Starburst sweets. I didn't want to have two jars of the same sweets and I thought it would be easier to have a sweet that was wrapped up to go in the jar. If I want a sweet treat, I pop my hand in this jar.

In the final jar we have liquid lipsticks. They're my current obsession and although this jar isn't overly full at the moment, I am about to place a Sephora order so look out for that jar to be filled up soon.

And that is my set up. It'll be where most of my blog pictures will be taken so I thought I'd give you all an introduction. What do you think?


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