Sunday, 22 May 2016

Hairspiration #1

The weather is getting better, we are nearing actual summer soon (hopefully...come on British weather sort your self out!) and the sandals are out of the attic. With this transition comes thoughts of other things I want to change. 

One thing that tends to happen is that I sort out my barnet. The children at work are currently constantly pointing out that the end of my hair is a completely different colour to my roots so that usually indicates that I need to do sommert really.

Cue me stepping into the depths of pinterest for some inspiration or hairspiration if you wish.

So you might see a theme emerging? I'm really wanting to go for a coppery red this year. The past two years, I've gone more of a deep red and I want to mix it up a little.
My only reservations about the colour change is that I thnk I'd have to get professional help because I don't think it would be easy to recreate using a box dye and that could be interesting because me and hairdressers aren't always the best of friends.

What are your thoughts? Do you like the colour and would it suit me?
 Let me know in the comments.


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