Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Bank Holiday Activities

I don't know about you but I love the idea that I've only worked two days so far and I've got two left to do. It was rather nice not to wake up before 7am on a Monday morning... Can we do this every week please? 

So my bank holiday weekend was so chilled. I finished VEDA (can't explain the freedom!!) and that felt good. Although on Sunday I did feel the usual lost of not having to pick up a camera or edit and upload. I suppose you just get into a routine. 
Sunday was a very chilled out affair, much Unbreakable Kimmy Schmit was watched and many laughs were had at my brother's expense....he fell over and bruised his arm whilst on a dog walk (he's fine...which is why we were allowed to laugh).

Bank Holiday Monday was the part I'm going to talk about today. Firstly, I had an actual lie in. It was only until half 8 but that is still a lie in nowadays for me. After making a few sandwiches, we all got in the car and drove the hour and a bits drive to Church Stretton, Shropshire and the Cardingmill Valley.

I haven't been there since I was in high school and we went in Year 10 on a school trip to measure river flow etc, so it was a little bit of a blast from the past but it was lovely to have a revisit with new (older) eyes. 

The weather was a bit iffy in places, I think we saw sunshine, rain, hail and strong winds but we still enjoyed the day and I took a few pictures.

Like I said, I really enjoyed the day out away from my laptop, the internet and just enjoyed some fresh air. I filmed the view from the top so if you want to check it out, click HERE. What did you do with your bank holiday?



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